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Daycare in Denver

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We will be moving to Denver at the end of next month and will be going out in a few weeks to look at houses and daycares. Anyone have a suggestion of a center that they love? I really want a center v. a home care situation. Must be cloth diaper, no vax, intact friendly. Location doesn't matter terribly much as I will drive for the right place. I will be working in northern Aurora, we don't know where dh will be working, and we don't know where we'll be living!
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I recommend Family Star if it's convenient location wise and you can get a spot.
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I had my daughter in a place called Adventures in Learning for over a year until I became a SAHM. It was a good fit for us, and I know that they did do cloth diapers for another child (they won't rinse them, though, they just put them in a container for you to take home). I have also seen notices about how some of the students are not vaccinated because it's a personal choice of the parents, so I know that they're open to that. It's very international, as well, so I would imagine that since your little one is intact it wouldn't be an issue. The director of the infants section is Linda, she's an RN. I personally always felt good about things there, even though it's not at all like your typical day care center--it's church-run, and they've converted adjacent homes as opposed to one large facility. The thing I liked most was that when my daughter went there, every single one of the teachers remained the same. They had ZERO turnover, which I thought was pretty amazing. Some of the workers had been there for 5-7 years. Depending on where you reside, it might be okay, it's off of Evans and I-25. But nowhere near north Aurora!
Good luck, this is a big decision, and I know that finding the right fit for your kiddo and your family can be a stressful search. I'm sure the right thing is out there for you!
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