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Sorry to hijack this post with so many questions going already, but I've been trying to find a MW who will attend a homebirth in DC and I've heard so many good things about Evelyn. Does anybody know if she attends in DC? Does she come to you for prenatal appts. or do you go to her? I've been playing phone tag with her office for a few weeks b/c I can never seem to call when they're open, or pick up the phone when the call me back! I will call again but if someone could post or PM me that would be fantastic!!

Evelyn is a great option, but MAMAS are closer to you and come to you for some prenatal care. Susan Dodge also come to you, I believe, and is another wonderful midwife who attends births in DC. KC is another option- I think she sees clients in a Takoma Park office.
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KC has a new office in NW DC sharing with a couple massage therapists.
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Thanks, Awaken & homewithtwinsmama -- do you know how I could get in touch with Susan Dodge or KC?
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