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Babys foot twitches.

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Asias foot twitches a few times a day. And I mean TWITCHES. The doctor said to try and grab it and see if it stops to make sure it's not a seizure, but it never twitches long enough for me to find out. Her hand did it this morning, and now I'm just starting to get really worried.

Anyone else experienced this with their babies, now or in the past?
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Both my babes have done that occas. Last time I asked the doc and she said that it was normal as the baby's nervous system develops. i didn't even ask about it this time around.
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My dd did it and I learned it was fine. I freaked out then. This time around my sons legs twitch sometimes, and I am not worried atall. I do hold his legs when he does it if I can and say something comforting and he seems so quit twitching.
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Thanks that makes me feel tons better
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My dd does it too. Having had a kid that had seizures and my dd's strikes me as a nervous system thing. Its mostly one foot but her other does it occasionally too.

I'm kinda paranoid about everything with this one (baby #4 and all) just because she was a preemie - so I guess I need to ask about it!
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