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I'll be thinking of you! Yay, you get to meet your baby soon! Keep your mind on that. . .can't wait to hear everything.
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Still thinking of you! Hope you can update us today!
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Good luck, October. I am sending lots of labor vibes your way. I hope this option gives you the most intervention-free birth that you can have. I will be looking forward to updates as soon as you can, and hopefully there is a baby/birth story very soon!
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I hope everything went well for you and baby yesterday. Thinking of you.
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I hope you're doing well! Yay that you'll be meeting your baby soon!
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so i had yet another emotional roller coaster ride this morning. my BP is so good that last night they were considering letting me go home today. even though my liver panel was still high i didn't have the BP issue or low platelets so they figured i'd be good to try that. i was so excited and hopeful, really. but they drew more labs and results aren't good. now i have low platelets too so i'm back at two out of three things they look for with HELLPS. they turned the pit off last night at around 2:00am since i might be leaving and while i was having some contractions on it about an hour after i was off i didn't feel much. i made a little progress when she checked me though at 2am i was 95% effaced and 2cm. i didn't get a check today. the last one was uncomfortable and bloody. anyway after my cry about the platelets i'm trying to have a positive attitude. i mean it really sucks but HELLPS is very serious for me and baby and so we are doing what we think is best. the pit is back on only for a couple of hours they started at 2 and are increasing by 2 every half hour. i'm having contractions every 2-3 minutes for the most part and they last for about 60 seconds but aren't painful at this point. DH went to get us some lunch and we are going to watch a movie. i have a doula to call when things get intense. hopefully we'll have a baby today. DH wants a Rosh Hashanah baby.

thanks for the support everyone!
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s: Good for you on maintaining a positive outlook. You are doing what's best for your baby! I'll be thinking of you and sending ELV your way.
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Hang in there, October!!!
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Sounds like you are being very conscientious and focused. Thinking of you!
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Wishing you the best- it sounds like you're SO close!
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Wont be long now! I'm so excited for you! When I think about how absolutely heavenly it ws to hold my first baby, I get goosebumps!

Enjoy your lunch and your movie! Hope the pit works perfectly in every way!
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Thinking of you and babe. You can have the birth you want even in a hospital with just some minor tweaks. Good luck mama. Can't wait to hear about the babe.
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Stay positive! Listen to your gut, and I bet that baby is here SOON!

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Good luck Octobermoon! A Rosh Hashana babe would be really special! (My DH is hoping NOT to have a Yom Kippur baby, since that is so close to my EDD.)

Sounds like you are making progress on the pit and even without pain at this point. . .that sounds very positive to me! Keep your spirits up! I am so jealous that you will be meeting your LO so soon. . .but really happy for you!
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thinking about you october, hope you're holding a baby by now, and if not, then super soon!!
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thinking of you this morning October. I am hoping that you are resting peacefully with your LO right now. Can't wait to hear the details
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Any news??
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Thinking about you!
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thinking of you and baby!
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Who is October's buddy? I'm wondering how she's doing, if everything's alright, if the induction continued or she was sent home, etc etc etc!!!!!

I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way, October!!!
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