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AMELIA RAE is here!!!***UPDATED***

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Amelia's Birth Story (short version)

Amelia Rae
September 17, 2009
6:25 pm
6lbs 7.9 oz 19 1/2 inches

Born at 35 wks exactly

Amelia holding Daddy's hand!

Labor began on Tuesday, September 15, 2009. After being in the hospital for 6 days, my body was giving out. I began cramping and contracting throught the meds. I was checked and had gone from a 5 to a 6. Two and a half days later, still contracting I was still just 6 cm.

Finally, on Thursday, September 17, my Dr. agreed that things were just too dangerous to continue being pregnant. My bag of waters had been bulging into the cervix for over a week and I had been bleeding for almost 3 days at that point.

We talked about what to do and I agreed to small dose of pitocin. They started it at the lowest setting and my contractions never got regular. After about 2 hours they turned it up a tiny bit and then turned it up a tiny bit more about an hour later. I started contracting regularly for 2 hrs and still no change. After about 5 hours on the pit and horrific contractions, I agreed to the epidural so they could break my water and turn the pitocin up. I was still 6 cm.

The epidural was AWFUL!!! The itching was horrific and it was turned up too high so I got numb all the way to the top of my head. They turned it down to lowest setting and turned the pit up to 1/2 max. My Dr. broke my water at about 5:35 pm and by 6:20 I was ready to push.

Five big pushes later, Amelia came into the world screaming and kicking! This was the first time that I got to hold one of my babies right after birth. She was placed on my tummy and she looked right at me and stopped screaming. It scared me, but my Dr. said she knew who mama was. DH cut her cord and they took her to the warmer. Turns out, she had a knot in her cord so it was a good thing we got her out when we did! Her apgars were 8/8, but after about 10 minutes she was having troubles with her breathing. The took her to the intermediate nursery for evaluation. When her respirations got up to 90-100 per minute, she was admitted to the NICU and placed on an oxygen hood.

She's really beautiful and has loads of black curly hair. She looks so much like her daddy and Natalie. It didn't really hit me that she is here and she is mine until I saw her in the NICU with all the wires and stuff. She should be fine but will need to stay a week or so in the NICU just to get her stabilized and let her learn how to eat.
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congrats!!! she's beautiful! i'm sure she will recoup just fine!

congrats mama!
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holy cr@p jen, she's huge!
how did you get a 35wkr over 6lbs!?

heartfelt congratulations - i know it's not term as you may have hoped, but you should be really proud of literally doing everything possible getting her to stay in.

i bet she'll be home in less than a week!

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Congratulations! Hope she has a smooth stay in the NICU and is home with you soon!
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YAY! Congratulations, she sounds beautiful!
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congrats!!! She IS big for 35 weeks! nice growing mama!!! Hope you're all doing well this morning!!!
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Congratulations! She's beautiful!!
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Good Job Jen! Welcome to world Amelia Rae! Hope you have a smooth transition to home soon. She is as big as my first baby was at 38 weeks! Beautiful girl and great growing mama!
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I'm so happy for you!! She looks great! Congratulations.
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i am so happy for you! and very glad everyone is doing ok!
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Congrats!!! She is beautiful!
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Congratulations! She is gorgeous!
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Jen!
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Good Job mama!
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She's gorgeous, congratulations!!!!
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She is absolutely beautiful... and big for 35 weeks!!! All those loving baby thoughts put on the ounces, I'm sure of it!
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Congratulations, Jen, on a beautiful baby girl, and so big!! She is so gorgeous and you are such an inspiration to the rest of us. Glad everything turned out so well.

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OMG so beautiful! Look at the fantastic job you did, mama!! I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing well. Sounds like the birth put you through the ringer and I hope you both recover quickly and that she is home in your arms in no time.
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Wow, she really is beautiful. Congratulations! I'm hoping for a quick recovery for both baby and Mama!
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Crashing to say - congratulations, Jen! :

She is such a beautiful little girl, and so big! I hope she is home soon and you both recovery quickly. *hugs* I'm so happy for you!
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