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Where can I find a list of what all the acronyms means that you all use in this community? I am new to the board and need help understanding what most of you are saying.

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DH~Dear/darling Husband
DD~Dear Daughter
DS~Dear Son
LO~Little One
SO~Significant Other
bf~breastfed. breastfeeding
bm~breast milk or bowel movement
TMI~Too much information
IIRC~if I remember correctly
YKWIM~You know what I mean
IKWYM~I know what you mean
FWIW~For what it's worth
IMO~In my opinion
IMHO~in my humble opinion
btdt~been there done that
BTW~By the way
IRL~In Real Life (meaning not in internet life)
tia~thanks in advance
LMK~let me know
NP~No Problem
ISO~In Search Of
ETA~ edited to ad
LOL~ laughing out loud
LMAO~ laughing my a$$ off
ROFLMAO~ rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off
HTH~ hope that helps!
OP~Original Post
ObGyn~Obstetrician and Gynocologist
c/s~Cesarean Section
VBAC~Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
VBA2C~Vaginal birth after 2 Cesareans (change the number to indicate how many previous Cesareans you've had)
VBAMC~Vaginal birth after Multiple Cesareans
HBAC~Home Birth After Cesarean
UBAC~Unassisted Birth After Cesarean
UC~Unassisted Childbirth
FTP~Failure to progress
AROM~Artificial rupture of membranes
LOT~Left occiput transverse
LQTM~laughing quietly to myself
LOTI~Laughing on the inside
WTF~what the f...
PP~previous post
OMG~oh my Gosh/Goodness/God/Goddess
GIP~Gestating in Peace

There is a HUGE list of Acronyms and Abbreviations for birthing and pregnancy at http://www.empoweredchildbirth.com/glossary.html
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