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DD is a hair puller. She uses it to emphasize her point (she pulls as she says "No!") she does it unconsciously (as i am carrying her she has a hold on my hair), she grabs it to keep me near her (as i kiss her goodnight, she grabs both sides and won;t let go). It drives me completely insane and I HATE it. Everytime she does it, I see red.

i know this is MY issue, something I have to work on. Obviously she sees how much it upsets me and is using it as a way to push my buttons, right? But on her side, how do I get her to stop this behavior? It isn't just me she does it to, Dh shaves his head, so no hair there, but she does it to my mom and her DC provider also.

I have tried to give her "hair time" just letting her play under my own terms, but she gets rough and ends up hurting me, and that just makes the whole experience bad. I have kept it pulled back in a ponytail for weeks on end, but as soon as it is down, she is right back at it. I am seriously at the point of wanting to chop my hair very, very short (think pixie) from it's current mid back length. Any ideas?