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Schools giving flu shots

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My child's school sent home a consent form form for administration of flu shots (mist and injection) at school stating how GREAT it is to not take time off from work and take your kid to the pediatrician to get their vax. GAG ME WITH A SPOON. In order for them to get vaccinated at school you must answer a bunch of questions and sign the consent form. Tonight I also received a voice message from my child's principle spewing such wonderful things about the vaccine....UGH. I reminded my child's teacher that we do not vaccinate and she assured me that my child would not be vaccinated without my consent. We also have an exemption form in his health file.

I just don't believe vaccines or any other medical procedure be done at school. It is rather disturbing.

What do you all think?
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Honestly? I wouldn't send my child to school that day. I don't think they would vax w/out consent **on purpose** but I can see how it could happen very easily. I wonder how many kids *won't* be getting it, you know?

How old is your child? Especially if it's a young (elementary age) child, I wouldn't expect him/her to be able to keep from getting vaxed if they were trying to do it along w/all the other kids.

Sorry, probably not what you want to hear, but I really wouldn't take the chance.

Good luck!
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I would keep my child home as well.

What I find disturbing is how easily people are led by fear, and how many just do not think for themselves, and believe everything doctors/the gov't/media tells them about vaccinations without so much as a 2nd thought. It makes perfect sense to round up all of the kids and vax them in the school, if you are of the "vaccines save the world" mentality. So it doesn't really bother (or surprise) me so much that they are vaccinating *in the schools* as opposed to in a clinic or ped's office or CVS or wherever. It bothers me more that more citizens don't grow some b*lls and question authority!
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I agree, if you can, keep home that day.
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Sounds pretty typical to me. I remember having vaccination days at school all the time growing up. That said I had many friends who did not get vaccinations at school - usually because their parents felt it was safer for them to receive the vaccination from their own doctor. I would guess they'd be pretty careful about not vaccinating someone who hadn't signed the permission form but if you're uncomfortable keep dc home that day.
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Our school is going to schedule a day in Oct or Nov for H1N1 shots. We will most certainly be staying home that day! Even if it was just the regular flu shot, we would still be staying home that day. I wouldn't want them to "accidentally" vaccinate her.
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I agree. Unless your child is old enough, mature enough, and confident enough to be able to say "Nope, I'm not supposed to get any shots" and stick to his guns, I would keep him home. I don't get worked too much over potential shedding, but I don't want my kid "accidentally" vaccinated.

I have always wondered how vaccine clinics at schools go, especially with injections. For most kids it is fairly traumatic to get a shot, and certainly painful so there would be lots of tears I suspect. Who comforts the kids? I can't imagine sending my child to go through that on their own. Poor babies.
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They have been doing this here since before dd started school almost 4 years ago. I kept her home in the past and now will keep both home. Not worth the risk. They are also doing h1n1 this year 2 shots 3 weeks apart.
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I just found out they are having a swine flu vaccine day at my child's elementary school. My child is too young to step out of line and say, "No, my mom says not to vaccinate me," so I too will be keeping my child at home that day. And, oh yes, for the second day if there is one.

It would be so easy to line all the kids up and vaccinate them, and to forget that one child is not getting the vaccine. Plus, my child doesn't want to feel different from the other kids. If they are getting shots, my child wants one too!!

I think this is really sick and twisted on the part of big pharma/big medicine coercing schools to go along with this. It's all about making money. Think how much they will make first from the vaccine, and then from taking care of all those kids who develop problems later from the vaccine -- asthma, auto-immune disorders for starters. It makes me proud to be an American.
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Last year DS was in grade 1 and there was a vax day. I signed the forms with my refusal and was planning to keep him home but forgot and he wasn't vaxed by mistake. I will still be keeping him home this year. I think the push is harder this year and I'm even more afraid of them making a mistake.
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It really scares me. Here some of the local newspapers have been talking about it being on an "opt-out" basis, as in, you don't need a permission form--everyone will get the shot UNLESS you "opt out." I've been talking to both my kids about refusing the shot and the FluMist. They're 7 and 12, so I hope they can handle it (I think they can.)
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Our school system is doing the same for H1N1 and seasonal flu. Very clear paperwork for kids who want it and those who don't. My issue is this-

The intranasal seasonal flu mist sheds. So my kids will be surrounded by hundreds of freshly sprayed kids for 9 hours a day in a warm tiny classroom and bus. ugh....

What are you doing? Pulling your kids for a few days? I'm so frustrated by being the one who always has "issues" and can't just go with the flow. But I do not want to vax for this but neither should we be punished (increased exposure) because we are not.
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Wow, how do they get children to cooperate with it? I had to get my son a lead test and boy oh boy was it a challenge. I think he would kick and bite them before letting them stick a needle in him. I would still keep him home! Interesting and scary.
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