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Can labor start suddenly, no warning?

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Is labor always preceded by sloooow signs like mucus plug, prodromal labor, etc .... like does your body always "build up" to it?

Or can it just kind of START and kick in with no warning signs? Are both equally likely?

I'm due Tuesday and hoping he'll be born on that date as it would give our family two "equinox" celebrations ... as of now I've only had very very very very mild false contractions, just in the front of the belly. Nothing real.

I'm kind of hoping that tomorrow, I'll just GO! into labor with no signs or warnings.

Of course with my luck lately I'll end up going 2 weeks late.
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For sure it's possible!

Some people never have prodomal or long early labour, it just sort of kicks in all at once.

I wasn't one of those people- I had 2 hrs of "early" labour, 2 hrs of nothing, then labour started for real after that.

Mucus plug, bloody show, or early, intermittent contractions aren't necessary for labour to start. Some people see all of them, some see a few, some see none.
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Happened with me. My water broke and ctx started 5 min later. They were regular and 5 min apart right from the get-go. If I had lost my mucous plug at some point then I missed it.
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I had some early labor from 1 am to 8am, nothing all day, and full blown labor started around 5 pm that evening. Before that I had no warning signs. Didn't lose my mucus plug and in fact was high, tight, and closed when I saw the doctor at 10 am after the early labor the day I went into labor. So it is very possible.
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for my first two it was exactly that, no warning. I finally saw my mucous plug for the first time 4 days before I had #3
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With my first I had no warning. No BH, didn't lose my plug, etc. One night I just got into bed, heard and felt a pop, and my water had broken. From the time my water broke to the time of her birth was 11 hours. And when I showed up at the hospital I was not in active labor (I went because I was only at 36 weeks) and my first exam, about 2-3 hours after my water broke, I was only a fingertip dilated. I went from that to holding a baby in 8 or 9 hours.
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No early labor for me - only Braxton Hicks but that doesn't count in my book since I had them from the very beginning since I used Red Raspberry Leaf tincture throughout. I was 42 weeks and 1 day and felt hopeless because I wasn't seeing any signs of labor whatsoever. But at 2:30 a.m. one morning, ctx started out of nowhere and he was born 16 hours later. It's totally possible - use your mind and think positive thoughts. Envision your birth and labor. I swear that helps. And good luck!
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Yep! Both dd2 and ds....Not dilated at ALL and then next thing you know BOOM labor started....my water didn't break with either of them until about 10 mins. or so before they were born (while pushing). So for me I had absolutely NO "signs" whatsoever.
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with my 1st i got no bh at all then my dd came and i woke with contractions every 20mins then had a show, she was born the next morning.
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I had my baby 6 hours after I first thought, 'hmm... could this be pre/early labor?'

Good luck!
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My first two labors were not obvious. I had gas pains to begin with and that eventually turned in to contrax.

But yeah, I guess labor just "happens" when it happens - no matter how you look at it.
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For my first yes.
I woke up to contractions 2 minutes apart at 1:00am. There was no "early labor"

For my second, Sort of.
My water broke a day and a half before I went into labor. I wasn't having any contractions. Baby sounded good and water was clear so we just waited for labor to begin. Bam! Labor began at 3:30am and again 2 minutes apart. It took less than four hours this time.
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Yes, it can. I've laboured with four of mine. With ds2 and ds3 (Aaron), I had lots of build up, "false" labour, etc. With both ds1 and dd2, it just started, with no warning at all.
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With all 3 of my children, I have just woken up early in the morning with contractions and had a baby later that day.
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With mine, I had three contractions that were 10 minutes apart, then they were five minutes apart right away and I was off! So, yes.
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Yes! With DS it started spontaneously at 37w5d and he was born exactly 24 hours later. No warning before that.
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both of my labors started with active labor, contractions 5 min apart and lasted 6 hours start to finish. i did lose my mucus plug a week or so before though.
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Yes, that happens a lot. The morning my first was born at 39w0d, I had no idea although I did see some bits of mucous plug a couple of days prior. I didn't have any other symptoms. My water broke at 2 pm and she was born at 11 pm. The second one was more of a surprise although I was expecting her to come soon since she was born on her due date. I didn't feel any different that day. I felt my first contraction at 5:55 pm and she was born at 8:25 pm.
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With my first, I had some "signs" - loose stools, lost my mucus plug, and some prodromal labor for about 12 hours before it kicked into active labor for the next 28 hours!

With my second, I'd had no signs or anything and then woke up in the middle of the night to what i thought were braxton hicks conractions, started timing them an hour later "just in case," found they were 2 minutes apart and had her 2 1/2 hours later!
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YEP! I walk around for a month or so getting to 100% effaced and 4-5 cms dilated without ever feeling a thing. With DD2, I was a good 5 cms dilated and 100% and she was engaged for about 2 weeks before anything happened. And I never felt so much as a BH.

Then the water breaks and look OUT! Baby is born in under 2 hours, both times. No noticeable mucous plug, no bloody show, nothing. An hour and 48 minutes with my first, an hour and 8 minutes with my second - 2 pushing cx - and the cord was wrapped loosely around her neck twice, which slowed her down!
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