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SSC for heavy, tall toddler

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My son is 22 months old, 37" and 34 pounds. He also can rarely fall asleep unless on my back. Our ergo's back isn't nearly high enough. I also have a pikkolo, which solves that problem, but there is something about the structure of the straps that bothers my arm on the side that he always leans.

Do any of you know of a carrier that works really well for the tall, heavy kids that need to be in there asleep, and sometimes for longish periods.

Thanks a lot!
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With my son who is almost exactly the same age and size as yours I use a Bamberoo mei tai. The body is the perfect height and width and it is very well padded and supportive. The waist band is well-padded enough that I can wear it non-apron which I find much more comfy now that he's gotten so big. Before the Bamberoo I was using mostly my toddler Patapum, before that a Baby Hawk. It's amazing with one growth spurt how a carrier that was always so comfortable will suddenly become no good at all! I was all about finding another SSC when the patapum stopped working for us, but I tried the Bamberoo and fell in love. I loved the tweakability of my Babyhawk mei tai when he was little, then found the SSC love when he was a big baby/little toddler who would flail about and need to get secured to my back in a hurry, and now have returned to the meitai adjustability love! Anyway, just putting that out there...
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There are lots of SSC with longer bodies on them. The ones I personally have the most experience with are Action Baby Carrier and Olives & Applesauce. I like both of those, although someone else may be able to give you the name of some more.
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Thanks to both of you for responding. I'll look into all those options. I have tried a mei-tai, and found the extra tying time to be cumbersome. When he's not needing a nap, he's in and out, but I will think hard on it!

Thanks again!
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In my siggy is a 2.5 year old about 34lb girl.

I love SSC for toddlers! ;-)
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try a Kanga-X or Kanga-XT - they're really nice and tall bodied and fit older kids really nicely. and they both have detachable sleeping hoods. or an 18" O&A (though she's not making those anymore, so you'd definitely need to buy used to find one).
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I sometimes wear my 44 in, 48 lb four year old in the Toddler Patapum, and still find it comfortable.

Do you have the waist support belt for your Pikkolo?
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