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Question About Adult Vitamins VS Children Vitamins

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I read another thing on mercola site it said smell vitamins if the vitamins smell bad they are not good for you .

So I had always had trouble with adult vitamins and so I would end up taking children chewables so should I take 2 of them instead of 1 kids chewable or get other vitamins from fruit & veggies ?

Also, I always tried to see if I could find a vitamin that would be more for me so then I have some adult multi vitamins left & smelled all the adult vitamins I had totally stunk so bad !!!!!!!!

So then I smelled the childrens vitamins and they don't smell bad at all so does that mean the children vitamins are actually better for you than the stinky adult vitamins ?
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I have Mercola's adult "Multivitamin +Plus" and I also have Mercola's kid's multivitamin chewables for my daughter. I just smelled both of them right now to test it out, and his adult vitamins don't smell all that great. They have a bit of a bad smell actually. The kid's chewables smell good though, they smell sweet. So I think they are basically the same ingredients, except the kid's vitamin is in smaller doses and has xylitol added to it. I'm just guessing here, but is it the sweetener in kid's vitamins that makes it smell better? And I want to assume that the kid's vitamins (at least Mercola's) aren't any healthier than the adult's vitamins.
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Usually it is the B-complex that stinks up a vit...the higher the dose and older the pill the stronger the smell. Kids vits have almost no B (they get away with this because the RDA is very, very low). So really it depends on how large a dose of B vits you want. Kids and adult vits have the same kind of (usually) artificial nutrients so they are about the same in terms of "goodness".
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