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For water filters, I would suggest this one that I posted in another forum:   http://www.pureeffectfilters.com/#a_aid=Ultrawater

As I've told the story many times in any post about fluoride or just toxins in the water, my son's teeth are very discoloured due to Fluorisis.  I'm holding hope that there is a way to remineralize the teeth over time and that it will improve, but I really urge everyone I know to get yourself a good water filter....and even a shower filter (if you can't afford a whole home one).

I took my time, researched, compared, weighed the pros and cons, and this was the filter I chose.  Mainly because I was able to verify the results that were claimed with the lab that did their tests to ensure that I was getting what I paid for and that the company was a reputable company and hired the lab for an independent test.  It's a small company, but the product and service is excellent....I urge everyone to at least consider them and read everything including the great reviews etc...


As far as air goes...from the research I have done on that....I didn't get so much as an air purifier as I did a high density negative ion generator which I place in his bedroom while he is sleeping.  I won't get into the whole background about it all, but if you read up on negative vs positive ions in the air you will understand why I chose to get one.  I can tell you that he sleeps much better and his nose always unclogs and he breathes much better than ever before.  There are quite a few studies with babies etc ....If you want the top of the line best of the best...the company is called Elanra ...but its a very steep price for that ...

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Unfortunately the thing is that Aquasana doesn't remove Fluoride.  They were actually one of the companies I was looking at, but that was a deal breaker for me.  But if Fluoride is not a concern, they do seem pretty good.

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I know this is an old thread but I'm bumping it. I am on a private well and for years have been drinking the water. But now I'm getting more concerned about what "could" be in it. We did water testing years ago and I know the main issue is that it has slightly low ph (6.6) which leaches copper from our pipes into our water. Otherwise it normally tests fine. But recently after returning from vacation I noticed a "dirt like" taste in the water. That went away after being home for a day but it made me really wonder what could be in our water that hasn't been tested for. So I contacted our plumber who wanted to put a RO unit in under the sink. After research I know I do NOT want an RO unit. It will strip our minerals, further lower our ph of drinking water, and waste much water in the process. What I am looking for is a unit that will go under the sink but work like a Berkey--filter out the baddies and leave our minerals. If it could alkalize the water or would be a huge bonus too!

I also know we have to address the acidic water at the well house too, so it does not corrode the pipers further. I have been recommended to get a calcite feeder (calcium carbonate) out at the well head which would alkalize the water before it enters the copper pipes in our home. That sounds ok...But is it safe? My kids drink bath water, etc, like kids do.
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Right now we use a Big Berkey but it takes up so much counter space. I really would like a good under the sink equivalent which would give me on demand water for washing veggies, drinking, boiling pasta, etc, as well as drinking of course.
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The two websites that I have found that might have what I am looking for are http://www.pure-earth.com/under-counter-water-filters.htm and http://www.livingwatersway.com/under_counter_alkalizers
Does anyone have any thoughts about these companies? I called Aquasana and also Multipure but they do not recommend their filters because they don't filter copper.
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Sorry, I'm not familiar with those companies but the one I posted above is fantastic at answering concerns.  At least they were from my experience.  There is a chat option on the website that is available during business hours which you could try...it was available when I had done it and it was very useful to me....sorry I can't be of more help to you.

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nukuspot - You might look for a Doulton type ceramic filter, but one for use with a plumbed in filter system (instead of the gravity fed one like the berkey). Since you have well water, I'd also consider a sediment filter as filter #1. Then maybe the Doulton ceramic after that one. There are a bunch of possible places to get these from. You could start at doulton.com but there are also other places.

They also have calcite post filters to increase the pH of your water. Sometimes you can also get a magnesium and calcite filter for further increasing the pH.

You can get a double or triple filter system to take care of those issues.

I think water that is promoted as "alkaline water" is a scam, so if it was me I wouldn't bother looking at alkalizing systems.

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