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I had an appointment today. Everything is still fine and dandy with me and baby. The midwife I saw today was kind of weird about me being so close, though. She commented that the OB I saw last week had on my chart that I would have to get NST's starting at 41 weeks. (He had actually told me 41.5.) But she said they normally start them as soon as you go past 40.

My next appt is next Tuesday, so I guess if I'm still around they'll do a NST then? I don't think it's necessary if baby and I are fine and he is still moving like crazy. Oh, well. Praying that I don't make it to that appointment anyway. And if I do, it is with one of the midwives I really like, so no biggie.

When do your providers start throwing NST's at you? Do you think it's necessary just because you are "overdue" if everything else is fine?

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I think my provider does them after 40 weeks. I'm in the "no harm" mindset about them, if it'll help me ward off an induction, then I'll do it. Some people are against dopplers, though, or see a NST as a possible entry into the cascade of interventions.

Just like anything, you need to be armed with information...what's a good result? What's a bad result? What's the next step if a NST isn't reassuring (usually a BPP)?
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My MW didn't mention it Saturday at my appt (40 weeks today). She did say to not bother doing anything yet (beyond normal activities) to bring on labor. She's super, super low intervention, though. She said her average momma is 10 days overdue.

I think if *I* felt uncomfortable with her movement or something, I might request some monitoring at some point just to reassure. I don't think there's harm in them unless they might set you up for a cascade of unnecessary interventions.

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I'm 40+1 today and had my first NST. It was absolutely not a big deal for me... lie on a table for twenty minutes and listen to the baby's heartbeat? I can do that! It was actually kind of fun.

Now, if I had other kids at home to be taking care of or a job I was supposed to be at or uh anything more interesting going on in my life... I might have said no just because it takes so long!

As for next steps if the NST isn't normal... I also had an ultrasound to check fluid levels and placenta condition today. My placenta looks "more mature" than it really should at this point, so I have to go back and have the same exact thing done (another NST, another ultrasound) on Friday morning. Whee hee. My doctor said that unless something is DRASTICALLY amiss (your baby's heartrate is all over the place, or decreasing when he moves, etc), that's all a weird NST means... that they'll do another one again soon.
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