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First Broken Heart

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My 15 yr old DD has her first broken heart. Her first real boyfriend of three months told her that he just wants to be friends.

Now, she herself says she was not in love with him, but that really really liked him. There may be an element of hurt pride in there too, of course, it's always unpleasant to be the dumpee. She's also mad because she suspects that it may be because she did not, ahem, "put out". Argh, I feel like slapping him for hurting her!

I know these bumps and bruises of the heart are all part of growing up, but it hurts to see my firstborn suffering like this for the first time. I remember my first broken heart, it lasted all of two weeks but was so intense until I got over it.

Rant over, sorry.
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to both you and your dd.
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to you both. I hope she recovers swiftly. I know how hard it is - watched pretty helplessly while my ds went through some relationship issues last year. They recover - that's when all your parenting to develop resilience and emotional health during the childhood years really pays off.
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for your DD - and you. I'm so not looking forward to this in a few years.
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I think that in a few years you will be able to ask your daughter if she grew the the experience. The answer will be "yes".

That's what we want for our kids.

For ourselves, I guess growing through the hurtful times is good. But hard.
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Oh, . I'm sorry. That's one of the toughest parts of this mama gig, isn't it? Watching them hurt. I hope she comes through this even stronger.
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From the mother of a teenage boy... rest assured that he hurts, too. It is not much easier, at this age, to be the "dumper". I've always told him (and his sister) that this is the age to learn what you like and what you don't when it comes to a relationship, what works for you and what doesn't. It doesn't make either person bad if it isn't right (for one or the other), and hopefully once the initial pain eases, a friendship can ensue.

I'll bet that, by now, your daughter has shaken it off.
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