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halloween handout ideas

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does anyone have any ideas to hand out at halloween that are healthier or that aren't to eat (toys etc. ) But that are environmentally good. thanks!
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I was shopping and saw that Play-Doh* has mini-tubs of playdough packaged for Hallowe'en which I think is so cool - however, probably not very environmentally friendly!

BUT!! I was thinking -- you could make your own in batches of orange and green, pretty easy and inexpensive and figure out some sort of way to wrap it and make it more festive!!! you could even shape it like jack-o-lanterns or ghosts or something!!
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^We handed out playdough last year! It was a huge package of minis from the $1 store though, not packaged for Halloween - but the kids LOVED it! My husband made me buy candy as well, insisting we'd get egged if we didn't have any, but kids reached over the candy to get the playdough!!!

I live in the city & homemade edible treats are, unfortunately, a no-no. Homemade playdough is a fun idea!
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If you make play-dough, I'd be sure to really clearly mark it so it isn't eaten by accident.

But my vote is that it is Halloween - I go with candy.
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I know this is completely off topic, but 2 years ago someone in our neighborhood handed out boxes of twinkies to every child. That's right, a box. Not a twinkie, a whole box of them.

That was AWESOME.
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My MIL hands out Halloween toothbrushes and candy.
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Our neighbours hand out freshly picked local apples and home-made fudge, packaged up carefully with their contact info. They ask the kids if they're from the neighbourhood and if they are, the get this wonderful older style treat. If they're not, they get the usual peanut-safe factory candy handout.

It strikes a balance between ideals and practicality.
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I don't know if you're anywhere near a Costco (I'm not really- but was there on the weekend!!)...but they have little toys and playdough in big boxes packaged for Halloween.

My parents give out stickers and candy every year.....the stickers are suprisingly popular!
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temp tattoos are a favorite, and so are pencils, and bendy crazy straws
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My ILs often get giant packs of pretzels at Costco (small, individual bags) to hand out.

Much as I hate the candy, I almost hate the trinket-y junk even more. It seems such a waste. Plus, there's a dentist here who pays $1/lb for candy the week after Halloween so I let the kids go through and pick out a few choice items then we take everything to the candy buy back and they get a few dollars for it.
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we were broke so we handed out freezies...not frozen
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An unfrozen freezie is an awesome treat! It's wacky because it's out of season, and it has the potential to be frozen or just scarfed down as a super-sugary liquid. My kids would think that was really fun.
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I think this year I'm going to hand out pencils. My local dollar store has packs of Halloween themed ones and I think it will be a nice change from the usual candy.
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Pencils, erasers, stickers, stick-on tattoos, glow bracelets....

Kids with diabetes, celiacs, and/or other allergies love when they get a treat they can actually enjoy.
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