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BTDT Moms: Best purchase you made? Worst purchase?

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BTDT Moms,

What were the best baby purchases you made (splurges included)? And what were the worst?
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regular 4x6x4 prefolds that dd wore from 1 month until almost 2 years.

convertible carseats that last even longer.

dresses in size 3T that she's worn 4 years in a row.


Arms' Reach Mini Cosleeper. All the disadvantages of cosleeping combined with all the disadvantages of a bassinet! You can't go right!

Baby soaps and lotions. She just didn't get that dirty or scaly.

Baby socks that got kicked off in about 2 seconds. This time I might try buying some cute baby shoes to go over them to hold them on. Footed sleepers are easier though.

Bibs with Velcro fasteners. Those stayed on about as long as the socks.

The tub spout cover thing. Did not get used even once.

Baby hammock that spontaneously fell out of the ceiling, thankfully not while baby was in it.
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Best: Quality Carseat!!!!
Good Nursing Bras!!!!!!!
Ditto prefolds and covers!
Basic ring sling
(Cannot think of much of baby items I used)

Worst: Jogging Stroller- I like to exercise but have never been a runner- surprise- surprise even after the baby came I still hated to run- I much prefer exercise videos or lifting weights on my own!!

Co-Sleeper- Much easier to just put the baby in bed!!

Any speciality baby item is a waste to me- baby spoons- highchairs- bathtubs- don't use them, they take up space and are totally annoying!
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Well, most of these things were not stuff I'd purchased, but, still ...


Big stroller that fit the infant car seat: DD hated being in the stroller until she was big enough to sit up and see the world. We used it about 3 times when she was an infant and she spent the whole walk screaming. This time around, I'm not even planning to get a stroller. When LO is big enough, if it seems like one would be useful, I want a lightweight, collapsible one.

Baby lotion: DD had some dry skin the first couple of months. I think the lotion (some mainstream brand--J&J maybe?) actually made it worse. If this is an issue again I'm using aloe or a natural healing cream.


Two-shoulder SPOC wrap: I never really got the slings to work; they always felt awkward and crooked on me. Once I discovered two-shoulder carries, I was in heaven--especially once DD started really gaining weight (we had some feeding issues when she was a newborn)!

Diaper bin: Not at all something I bought, in fact, it was made from the basket that came with my printer table which my SIL rescued from the trash. It's the wire basket they used to use for continuous-form computer paper, back in the day. Anywhoo, I tucked a container of wipes and a stack of diapers in it and kept it under an end table in the living room--so much more convenient than running back to the bedroom every time she needed a change.

Calendar: I didn't have a baby book for DD, so we kept a regular wall calendar by her changing table. Every time she did something cool, we made note of it in the square for that day.
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Baby K'tan
Kissaluv 0's (even though I make my own otherwise)
Infant prefolds (even if you never use them as diapers)
Lanolin (use it for everything from chapped nipples to diaper rash to skinned knees)
Johnny Jumper (mama can shower and still see baby!)
Changing table (it's nice to have a 'home' for all those cloth diapers)

Crib (big expensive laundry basket)
Swing (= screaming baby)
Any padded rail ring sling (need I say more?)
Full sized high chair (great room taker upper - get one that fastens to a chair)
Bassinette (another laundry basket)
Stuffed animals (why do people buy newborns stuffed animals?!)
Lotions/soaps/powders/creams (why would you want to cover up that great newborn smell with a bunch of chemicals?!)
Baby bathtub (another space taker upper - sink works fine)
Nail clippers (I just bite them... sharp things by baby = nervous mama)

I'll edit if I think of anything else
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For us, the swing and vibrating bouncy seat were worth their weight in gold for DD. We could not have lived without them. We also loved the hotsling, and we still love our Britax Boulevard carseat.

I didn't care for the shopping cart cover - it was a total PITA to get onto the cart while holding DD and my diaper bag, and frankly, I'm just not that much of a germaphobe. Baby bathrobes are a total waste of $$. We were given two, and DD never used them. DH did enjoy dressing the cat up in one though... The cat, btw, was less than impressed. A rocking chair in the nursery was a waste, IMO. I much preferred to be in the living room instead of secluded in the nursery - the rocking chair is now in the living room. I hated out high chair too. We chose a Graco model based primarily on its ability to fold up so it could be stored in a narrow space... and then we never folded it up. The cover was a total PITA to remove to clean, and the straps would not come off, so they couldn't be easily washed.
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  • Phil and Teds stroller
  • ring sling - for trips to the store - quick in and out
  • stretchy wrap (for longer walks 0-6 months)
  • Ergo carrier (I prefer the back carry for longer walks after 5-6 months)
  • simple bouncy sling chair for when you absolutely need to put them down
  • diaper cream of your choice (I really like Burts Bees and it smells nice)
  • CDs to sing along with (Raffi was our first and still makes me think of those lovely first few months)

  • lotions
  • baby bathtub and sling/hammock thing
  • mobiles
  • toys that light up and make noise
  • exersaucer - my kids never liked these after the first time for more than 1 minute
  • jolly jumper - same as exersaucer
  • multi-piece cute outfits - both boys lived in cotton sleepers
  • baby monitor - our house is tiny - I can hear baby from wherever I am!
  • stupid nighttime toys that light up or play music to "soothe" baby to sleep
  • breastfeeding pillow
  • electric breast pump - I produced lots but don't pump well plus we never have left the kids long enough to justify. My hand pump was all I needed for our lifestyle.
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What a great thread! For us:
Best purchases:

one-size dipes
moby wrap
bouncy seat (great for when you are in the shower- just take the baby in the bathroom with you
carseat cover thingie (Bundle Me is the one we have) so you don't need to deal with a snowsuit
***gowns**** I totally loved these! They make diaper changes so much easier.

crappy "mainstream" (like, it came from walmart) sling
infant jeans and dresses- I kept DD in a sleeper or gown 24/7. Especially for winter babies... just make 'em cozy. Jeans looked so.. uncomfortable to me.

I guess that is it... we are pretty minimalist with baby stuff. My mom says they need love, a boob (or something to eat), warmth, and a place to sleep. The rest is just fluff.
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Lol, I thought nursing bras were my worst purchase. They were expensive, but maybe not the best brand of bra I guess.
The best bras for nursing were those cloth ones for working out--not a tight sport bra, but a looser bra workout top. Or, I'd wear cami's with the shelf bra in them. It was easier to just pull the top to one side and nurse, unlike the actual nursing bra that had those weird little fasteners that took forever to put back together!
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Ergo - I used the infant insert from about a month on.
Bouncy/vibrating seat - the only thing DS would stay in for me to take a shower.

Crib - This was never used until we converted it to a full size bed for DS at 2 years old...but it's great for now
Baby socks - DS' feet never fit into those cute little things
Bumbo seat - used a couple of times but not worth it
Glider for nursing - I nursed pretty much everywhere but in the glider.

In general, we had a lot of hand-me-downs and bought used which was great. It was hard for me as a FTM to not have everything matching at first but it was well worth it to save that much money!
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Of all things - a McD's happy meal when DD was 2. DH had made a promise, and was going to blow it off because "she wouldn't know." I told him it would be really easy for that kind of thinking to become a very bad habit, and she should have confidence that her dad will do what he says, not a lifetime of broken promises.
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soz butting in here

best (with caden anyway)
my ergo baby carrier
ellaroo mei tai
happy heinys (should of bought more as couldn't afford to buy more once he grew out of them )

my changeing unit, total waste of money hardly ever used it just changed his nappy on my knee and most of time bathed him in the big bath
pop up moses basket he wouldn't sleep in it a night and when i actualy managed to lie him down asleep in it so i could wash up/make dinner caitlin would climb in with him and the hood would colapse.
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Hi! Jumping in from new posts... Congrats on your upcoming LO!

My best advice is to buy whatever you can at the resale shop. Every baby is different as is every parent and you just won't know what you will use until the LO is here. Wait on the big things that don't get used right away and then see if you really need them.

But, for us, the very best were:
The Moby Wrap - absolutely could not live without this
plain onsies and little pants (for some reason I enjoy this combo more than sleepers)
swaddle blankets
I know a lot of people on here don't use strollers, but I really liked the "snap-and-go" that went with the carseat because sometimes you just have to run in somewhere really quickly and don't want to disturb a sleeping baby by getting in and out of the carseat for a 5 minute trip inside the post office or what-not, KWIM?
Medela pump in style - I am paranoid and like to have a freezer full of milk just in case something happens to me and I cannot nurse for a day or two.
bouncy chair - comes in very handy when you have to put the baby down

The worst - never used
bassinet/co-sleeper thing
pack and play
bumbo-type seat thing

Also, I really like the Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff for postpartum mamas and baby, too. I found their oil really helped DD's very dry skin.
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snap in carseat stroller with the Graco bucket seat, awesome and we used it till she was almost a year old!

Bundle me! it was such a pain to have to start putting coats on her after she outgrew it!

Jogger stroller, even when I didn't run, I took very long walks with the dogs with her and it was so much smoother than a regular stroller.

bouncy seat, great for getting a shower, I used to sing to her while she bounced around in it!

boppy- for her to sit on or play with, I never used it!

nursing bras from Wal mart, most comfortable, easy to open/close and cheap!

changing table...much easier on me than getting up and down off the floor. I loved having everything right there and she always stayed still in it for changing. She played around a lot if I used the floor or somewhere else.


bassinet-never used it, she hated it

pack and play...used it to hold toys mostly. Although we did use the changing table part for a while until she was too big for it.

swing...she hated it.
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Swing and bouncy seat. Dd was not happy being in the sling, she's always been very independent.

Baby tub with inflatable infant ramp.

One piece snap up rompers, dd lived in them for the first couple years.

Graco metrolite stroller. Only slightly heavier than an umbrella stroller but a zillion times more convenient for both dd and I.

FuzziBunz. Fantastic fit for dd. She wore the larges for almost 2 years before PL and never had an issue with leaks or wearing out.

Britax car seats. We had a Roundabout first and now dd(6) is in a Regent. They're sturdy, comfy and really easy to install. Can't say the same about any other seat we've had.

Kecci diaper bag. It's stylish, the perfect size and can be worn as a messenger or backpack. And after 6 years it still looks brand new, ready for the new little one.


Sling- dd just wasn't a happy camper in it.

Huge Evenflo travel system stroller. It was heavy and took up the entire trunk. I much prefer lighter strollers.

Internal soaker fitted diapers. They take forever to dry. Quick dry is a must!!
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Best: King sized bed. I consider it an absolute necessity!

Mesh feeder thingys. We didn't use them for food, but DD loved gnawing on those things with ice in them- they were awesome for teething And I thought they were ridiculous when someone bought them for me.

And I use my huge collection of slings all.the.time. And absolutely love them

Worst: Plastic frog pod bath toy holder thingy. It was actually a gift, but we could never get it to stay installed for more than a few days even with multiple attempts. I finally just threw it away.

Used swing from friend. I'm not completely opposed to swings for babies that like them, but this thing was just a hazard. DD's arms and head would get bonked by the frame supports all the time. Plus, it was big and ugly. It's gone too
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Kingsize bed
Bouncer seat

(these were actually Shower gifts so we didn't technically buy them )
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Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
Nail clippers (I just bite them... sharp things by baby = nervous mama)
YES!! I totally forgot about these! I think the first 3-4 times DH or I tried to cut DD's nails we made her bleed! After that experience, DH wouldn't cut her nails for about 18 months.

I actually switched to the grown-up nail clippers, which have worked fine for me. The little ones were just to teeny tiny and unstable in my hands. The idea of biting some else's fingernails kind of icks me out--even if it is my own kid.
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Bouncy Seat (I literally would have not had a shower without one)
Side-snap kimono type t-shirts (DS hated having things pulled over his head)
Changing table (I put a mirror next to where DS's head went. He loved looking at himself with I changed his dipe. PLus, my DH is very tall and having an elevated space for him to change diapers was very necessary.)
My slings
Baby Swing
Glider and gliding footstool for nursing (I practically lived in that thing for 2 years.)
Baby Bathtub (Loved having a place for slippery baby to recline while getting a bath in the sink.)

Crib and all the stuff that went with it
Any sleeper or gown that had a collar. (The collar would rub against his cheek and he would think it was time to nurse.)
Bottles (DS would not take one)
Pacifiers (DS would not take one)
Stuffed animals
High Chair (Never even took it out of the box. Returned it and got a high chair seat that attaches to a chair.)
Playmat thingy (DS did not like to be put down in anything that didn't move or vibrate)
Electric Breast Pump (Since I was a SAHM and DS nursed ALL. OF. THE. TIME. there was never really any opportunity for me to pump. When I would try, I'd get less than an ounce. So, luckily, we never needed emergency milk. I think I might try a manual pump this time, just in case this baby goes longer between feedings. I'd like to have at least a little bit of frozen milk just in case.)
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Best = Ergo Baby Carrier - DH especially LOOOOVES it - and the pouch sling and the wraps (a Hug-a-Bub and an Ellaroo). They are sanity savers!
Also, cloth diapers have worked out well - Happy Heiny's are pretty much indestructible, and the prefolds are cheap and easy to use.

For toddlers, a large bag of assorted craft pompoms has given us probably a hundred+ hours of playtime over the last year, and best of all, they are SILENT and cannot hurt anyone or anything if they are thrown inside the house. They are mama's favorite toy!

Worst = the "jogging stroller" that my mom and aunt got us. It's big, bulky, the tires go flat, it tracked so hard to the left that it would run over the dog if I didn't force it to stay straight, it still seems like DS swims in it, and it sat on the porch blocking our way into the house for the last two years without getting out but maybe 10 times total. I did start using it recently because I just don't feel like babywearing for dog walks at this stage of pregnancy, but it's still a huge PITA and I hate it and can't wait to get rid of it.
Other useless items: co-sleeper (got used as a laundry basket then returned to the friend who loaned it to us), the high-chair (DS always preferred mama's lap)...we never had an exersaucer, a Bumbo, a swing, a "learning tower", or a lot of the other gear that some people use.
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