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15 minute sessions of cleaning ... anyone want to join me?

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I saw another thread on daily accountability that looks really interesting, but right now I can only think in terms of 15 minutes at a time. I'll work my way up to the other thread.

For the first 15 minute session, I am going to make my bed and wash the dishes.
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This time I'm going to clean the oven. ( I baked an apple pie and it dripped all over the bottom of the oven.)
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I am going to do put the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe the top of the stove!!
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Welcome, AppleMush!

The oven took me longer than 15 minutes. LOL. But I also wiped down the outside of the stove.

Now I am going to fold and put away a load of laundry.
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My sweet baby just woke from her nap.... I'll be back to participate!!!
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Now I'm going to sweep and mop the kitchen, bathroom and pantry.
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I'm going to clean the oven racks and the cat food and water dishes. I will also put away the dishes I washed earlier and wipe down the counters. Then I am done for the day (except, of course, for dinner and dinner cleanup).

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Okay I completed the dishes and wiping of the stove with time to spare...so I organized the recycling since it was going to overflow any second....

And I managed to fit in a shower since my DD had her in home speech today and that totally counts as a chore lol

Next I am going to have to fold some clothes that have been piled on my bed for 2 days now. Good ol DH has shoved it to the side at night to make room for him to sleep...but its better then shoving it to the floor right?
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Congratulations, AppleMush! I'm always amazed at what I can accomplish in just 15 minutes.

I finished the last of my chores, but it seems that I will need to wipe the oven down a bit better tomorrow, as it reeks of chemical cleaner. (Why did I use chemical oven cleaner??)

Bennypai, I hope to see you back on the thread.
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Yay Poetry! It is pretty amazing what we can accomplish isnt it??

I folded the clothes with my DD who had gotten home from school, and I still have some more to fold and put away before bed...

Tommorows yucktastic task is to scrub down my tub and clean up both bathrooms. To wipe down my blinds and go through my book/magazine shelf.
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AppleMush, you can do it 15 minutes at a time. It's so much easier to think of cleaning in 15 minute sessions. I'm pregnant and I've been getting tired pretty easily (even though I'm 21 weeks along now), so the 15 minute sessions really work. I work and then rest or play on the computer and then do another 15 minute session.

Tomorrow I want to pack away my prepregnancy clothes (which are only depressing and take up what little closet/dresser space I have) and organize my maternity wardrobe. A few things may need to be ironed.

I need to clean my freezer out.

I also want to vacuum the living room and bedroom.

And I want to clear the clutter out of my bedroom.

These things aren't cleaning, but I need to chop and freeze some onions and also blanch and freeze some corn. And I have tomatoes that I need to either make tomato sauce or salsa with.
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Overwhelmed by dd's school trouble last night, but still spent about 15 minutes scrubbing the oven once it was cooled. We just used my vinegar spray (5yo dd HELPED!)

Next task: scrubbing the racks. Too funny we both cleaned our ovens yesterday, Poetry.
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1st 15 minute session of the day:

I need to wash the dishes and make my bed.
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My first 15 minute session is to dust my blinds and frames in the living room. And take out z trash....
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i went around and picked up junk mail, school leaflets, other trash/clutter and piled the toys onto the couch for the little bit.

then i got inspired and put away the canned goods.
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Ok now I am doing 2 15 minute sets 1st is to clean my window and window sill in the dining room. (its a pretty big window so this is not fun)
quickly organize the kids art storage drawers
wipe down table legs

the second is to go through my book shelf that is also in the dining room...

Just keep swimmin!
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just did one more 15 minute session on the backporch going through a box of stuff to see what needed to come into the house and what needed to go to the recycling
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I also recleaned my oven, this time to get all of the chemical cleaner out (yuck)! Besides, I learned that the self-cleaning setting works so much better and without any chemicals!

Now I'm going to clean out my freezer.

Welcome, inkedmamajama!

Great progress, ladies!
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Update: I finished cleaning my freezer and also cleared off and wiped down my kitchen table. Then I reorganized some grains and nuts and refilled some mason jars where we store many grains, nuts and seeds.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to today, but I'm happy with my accomplishments.

Happy cleaning~
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Okay I got stuck on the blasted book shelf...I have few books/items on the table that need a home which is what I am going to do in the next 15 min session, along with organizing/consolodating the art supply take over thats infesting my drawers, they all go in the art supply box organizer thing, not my dining room drawers.

Lets see if I can do it with out making a fuss over it to my kids lol

Great progress mamas!
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