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Back to the clothes in my bedroom.

I think I can; I think I can. LOL!
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
My house looks awesome!! But this is one of those days when I wish I had 4 washing machines.

LOL! I WISH my house looked awesome! I have a lot of decluttering to do before that point, though. But I'm on my way....
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I'll unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher and reload it. Ok, go!
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Welcome Serenity! Good luck catching up. Mine are younger and I still can't seem to catch up.
Poetry, family tends to derail my efforts as well
Jacquline- I hope you feel better soon.

This morning Ive finished DD1's apron (it looks so cute), a skirt for her and a skirt for me. I still have to put the elastic in DD2's skirt and sew the hem then its onto errands. I need to pick up a few last minute items I forgot about the trip. Ekks! DH just reminded me about the fact I leave in less than 48 hours.
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I need a new to do list because I'm terrible at keeping track of things and all the pretty colors are distracting me.

- Skirt for DD2-Just need to do the waist and hem
- Hem 3 dresses-2 done, one to go
- fix collar of DD1s dress
- put zipper on DD1s dress-need to get a zipper
- 3 reusable bags
- finish doll clothes
- Passport Holder-pattern made-pieces cut
- 1 Apron
- crayon wallet- pattern made
- 2 Nursing tops
- Finish trip notebook
-Laminate and cut out FHE lessons
- pack snacks
- DD2s party

DH's to dos (hes completing some of the stuff for me so I have time to sleep)
-Fill out luggage tags
-put address inside luggage
- load the car
-go through songs on MP3 player and edit out the ones I don't like
-charge camera battery
-charge laptop battery

-Finalize pick up plans with MIL

If time permits:
- Felt animals
- Halloween keychain
-start blog
-post pictures of everything I made this week
- Red dress
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I love the 15 minute idea! That seems to be all the time I have right now that I am back to working full time.
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Originally Posted by momofPL View Post
I love the 15 minute idea! That seems to be all the time I have right now that I am back to working full time.
Yeah, thinking in terms of 15 minutes makes tasks seem much less daunting.

Okimom, good luck on finishing your preparations for your trip.

I am going to spend my first session looking at flyers and websites and preparing my shopping lists/coupons. This may take a couple sessions. It takes me a while to sort through my coupons. I have them organized by date/category, but I think organizing them alphabetically makes much more sense, either completely alphabetically or alphabetically by category. But that's a project for another day. LOL.
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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
Hope the dishes got done, Seeking!! They never end, do they??
No, they don't. As a matter of fact, I got them done, but now I need to go do them again TODAY. And of course, I did them twice yesterday!!!

Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
My house looks awesome!! But this is one of those days when I wish I had 4 washing machines.
4 washing machines... hmmm... THAT would rock.

I just got a brand-new dryer. My other one would have to run through 3 complete 80-minute cycles before anything got dry, and then it started doing this thing where it shut itself off every 10 minutes. It took me three days to dry one load... so, since it was 14 years old and we've replaced the heating element twice already, it was time to and buy a new one. Now everything dries in one cycle... sweeeeeeeet...

Reminds me... I have to go finish the diapers, currently awaiting their final rinse.

Right now I am going to log off and:
1. Rinse diapers
2. Load dishwasher
3. Put baby down for nap
4. Fold clothes

Of course, this will take more than 15 minutes, but with kids, I'm sure it'll be broken down into smaller segments!!
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My 15 minutes turned into 2 hours! Got a lot done though.
Cleaned up from craft project done over the last 2 days.
Vac'ed family room after picking up all toys.
Cleared out a cupboard full of a mix of junk, spare school supplies and broken toys.
Found containers for toys used in family room and put them in newly cleaned out cupboard.
Kitchen counters cleared and wiped down.
More items added to yardsale table.
Put the Halloween decorations on to the Halloween Tree.
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I still have a TON to do! We just finished DD2's party. Shes 11 months old but DH won't be there for her birthday so we had her birthday party today (just the four of us). She suprised us by walking across the room to me when I was cooking. Im so happy DH got to see her take her first steps (he was away training when DD1 took her first steps).

Next up, finishing up the crayon roll then working on the tops.
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Good morning everyone!

I had an awesome weekend with my bestfriend and her 5 year old DD. But the house. OY!!!

We had managed to keep up with dishes and housekeeping until yesterday and now I'm paying the price. I've already done two loads of dishes and I've got at least two more to go.

The cats were stressed by the extra "attention" and peed on more bedding so I have to wash that all over again.

And the pieces to every single game are scattered all over. Ack.

But before all that, we're doing school!

Dishes are drying. Washer is washing. After our first hour of school, I'm going to do more dishes and wash the guest bathroom again.
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I need a list.

1. Dishes. DONE
2. Laundry. Pending...
3. Vacuum and straighten up couches. (They were forts for much of the weekend.)
4. Vacuum house.
5. Clean guest bathroom. DONE
6. Pick up toy pieces and put away. DONE
7. Straighten up playroom again.
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1. Clean playroom.
2. Find new dentist.
3. Finish washing bedding and towels. DONE
4. Dust top of bookcases in guest bedroom.
5. Wash front window and door. (Unless it's actively snowing.) DONE
6. Find place to take snow blower for a tune up. DONE
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Can I join in? I need SOMETHING to get my butt into gear. Tuesdays are our CRAZY day, in and out of the house most of the day to get kids to various classes, pick up library holds, grocery store. But I have 2.5 hours left this morning before the insanity begins, so I could get some stuff done. What I'd like to accomplish before leaving at 12:15:

1. 2 loads of laundry--DONE
2. Dinner in crockpot--DONE
3. Swish & swipe downstairs bathrooms (kids can do upstairs)--DONE
4. Math, reading, and spelling with A.--DONE
5. Sweep kitchen floor--DONE

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Finished with morning chores! Here's what I have to get done between 12:30-7:00

take A. to science--DONE
take K. to psychology--DONE
take J. to library--DONE
grocery store--DONE
office supply store--DONE
pet store--DONE
pick up A. and friend for playdate--DONE
pick up K.--DONE
clean up & sweep foyer--DONE
15 min. cleaning in my bedroom--DONE
feed kids--DONE
wash dishes--DONE
one more load of laundry--DONE
meet friend's mom to drop off--DONE
take M. to calculus--DONE
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It has been such a slow day today...

First session: make bed, put away dishes in strainer, wash the few dishes in the sink.
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a quick note to say the trip went well. 2 kids and 23 hours of traveling is absolutely EXHAUSTING but its done. My only 15 minute session today was laundry and its done, just have to fold it and put it away. Then Im going to rest.
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Welcome TwinMom!

OkiMom, I'm glad you had a safe trip! Doesn't it feel great to just have 1 fifteen minute session, especially after all the preparations in the weeks before the trip? Enjoy your time with family!
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I want to do this - today might be strange though, dh out of the country, ds just messaged me to ask if he can borrow money, and dd in labor with her second.

I did get in at least 15 min of dishwashing, and 15 min of vehicular cleaning, and it's not even 2pm yet.

The rest of my home is still a disaster of course.
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I need 15 minute sessions! Desperately... My house is a wreck, I've been sick for 3 days, I have 3 major deadlines that I have to finish by January, I unschool my 5 year old, I have a PT OOH job, a more than FT but not yet making real money online business, and a husband. I'm totally overwhelmed these days.

If I can get my kitchen picked up today (while I'm still recovering from whatever horrible illness this is) I'd be overjoyed....

So... 15 minutes to start now?
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