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15 minute sessions of cleaning ... anyone want to join me? - Page 9

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Next session: transfer laundry to the dryer, toss a 2nd load into the wash, work on organizing clothing in the bedroom (I am so close to being finished with this).

Welcome Kismet and Zmom!! My you find this thread to be motivating.
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Done! Now I'm going to transfer the laundry and toss another load in the wash. (I'm washing my spare sheets and blankets for possible company next week.) I'm also going to try to get in at least a little exercise.

I'm so relieved that all of my prepregnancy clothes have been packed away and my remaining clothing has been organized. It's so much easier (and less depressing) to see what I have and to actually have my current wardrobe accessible.
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I got the kitchen clean! Yippeeeee! I'm about out of energy so I'm not sure I'll get anything else accomplished this evening but maybe I can get some on-line work accomplished while I watch TV or something. I think for the rest of the week, my goal will be to keep the kitchen clean and to get the dining room table cleaned off. It's turned into our project table which is not so helpful when you want to have someplace to eat other than the kitchen counter.
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Hooray for you, zmom! A clean kitchen feels so good.

Did you get any exercise, Poetry?
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Wow, it's amazing how much more I get done when I feel accountable for it! I can't believe I finished everything on my list. Now I just need to do bedtime routine for the littles and pick M. up from calculus at 9:45 then I can collapse into bed.

Way to go, everyone!
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Jennifer3141, no, no exercise. I have to get better about that in general. But I've had really bad heartburn last night and today.

TwinMom, sometimes accountability is the ONLY way I get ANYTHING done. LOL. Congrats on your productivity.

zmom, congrats on the clean kitchen! I know I function much better in a clean kitchen. ... There are some things in my kitchen that I need to focus on soon like cleaning out the inside of the trash can and cleaning the dish strainer. LOL.
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Okay, can we do this again today? I'm going to be out schlepping children around from 10-12:30, 2-4:00, 5:30-9:00, but somehow in there I'm going to get stuff done. Not quite sure how. I have simple goals for today, since we'll be gone so much.

15 minutes cleaning each in:

living room--DONE
play room
our bedroom
prep veg & make sauce for dinner in afternoon
2 loads laundry--DONE

I think I if I try to do any more than that I'll be overwhelmed so I'll leave it and if I have more energy later I'll do more. Now I'd better get those kids up since we have to leave in 50 minutes and they're all still snoozing!
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The playroom is ALWAYS on my list.

1. Clean playroom.
2. Find new dentist.
3. Dishes. DONE
4. Laundry.
5. Dust top of bookcases.
6. Wash kitchen window and garage.
7. Mop bedroom floor.
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What I need to do today... *sigh*

1. Dishes
2. Start laundry
3. Clean up bedroom
4. Make cupcakes
5. Start dinner marinating (gotta do this by noon-ish)
6. Clean up school table
7. Get laundry dried & folded

Let's see if I can do this, in the 15-minute increments... Oh, I also have to

8. Call dentist to get kids' records transferred

ACK! Doesn't seem like much until you try to get it all done at once, LOL!
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Can I join?

Here's what I need to get done today:

-Dishes. All of them!
- Make dentist apointments (what is it with all of the dental stuff on everyone's list? haha) DONE!
- Work on playroom. In Process...did one 15 min session
- Sweep kitchen
- Vaccuum and straighten living room. Done!
- Straighten bathroom
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Dishes... always pending
15 minutes gardening/outdoors chores DONE
DS1 to doctor for wound check DONE
Downstairs bathroom DONE
Launder towels DONE
Peel and quarter potatoes
Stuff chicken breasts
Take out Ham for Saturday's late Thanksgiving supper... PENDING

We'll start with that.
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Originally Posted by SeekingSerenity View Post
ACK! Doesn't seem like much until you try to get it all done at once, LOL!
Yeah, I hear that. And then adding little ones in there seems to make it take 100 Xs as long...

DS3 is making cute cooing, screechy noises while he plays with his feet. This is my first baby to ever play with his feet.
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Welcome SeekingSerenity and inkslinger! Happy productivity to you both~~

Wow, you guys are all doing fantabulous! I've been running around to appointments all day and just got home not long ago. I have to leave in about an hour to pick DH up from work. I'm completely exhausted and just plan to rest for a while. I will see you all back on the thread tomorrow, though.
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Thanks PoetryLover and Jennifer3141 for the support!

I've basically kept the kitchen picked up since I got it cleaned the other day. I haven't made any progress on the kitchen table though. Here's my list for the rest of the week and the weekend:

1) keep kitchen clean
2) clean off dining room table
3) laundry (keep up)
4) 3 photos for photo project
5) post coffee table for sale

If I can get all that done this weekend in between the other daily life type stuff and the 2 birthday parties and CD launch we're supposed to go to, I'll be thrilled. I can do it in 15 minute segments, right?
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Okay. Off to blitz my living room.

Halfway done. A few minutes of a break then back to another 15 minute blitz.
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As always, I will start by throwing a load of laundry in the wash and washing dishes.
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I'm folding/putting away a load of laundry and wiping down the counter and stove. :-)
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Next up is (3) 5 minute room rescues. ( I have little motivation today.)
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I need to get some serious cleaning done today but I have very little motivation. In the next 2 hours, these are my goals:

1) kitchen cleaned
2) laundry started
3) shower
4) dining room table picked up

wish me luck!
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Good luck, zmom!

The following are my goals for today. I will check in periodically to update my progress.

1) Fold/put away two loads of laundry (the second will be coming out of the dryer).

2) Put leaf back in kitchen table (in preparation for company).

3) Organize Control Journal (Household SOP).

4) Clean kitchen garbage can.

5) Sweep and mop if I have time.

I may add to this list, but I don't want to overwhelm myself at the beginning.
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