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I really need to get the back of our house clean since someones coming to hook up internet back here (we are switching providers). So 1st 2 sessions are:
1) wash dishes, put away, make lunch, clean up after lunch
2) put away clothes (I took them down yesterday to pull out what fits the girls and never put them back) and girls books. Move clothes from the closet with the desk in it to another closet.
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Ok, done with those two. Took me longer than I thought it would though since I ended up being distracted and helping my two year old ride her tricycle, nursing the baby and talking to DH on the phone for almost half an hour. I really don't get as much done with a phone in one hand. One good thing did come from it though, I misplaced the Beco Butterfly carrier I bought for DD1. I honestly thought I had given it away with a bag of baby stuff I gave to a woman at church. When I was moving DH's uniforms I found it! It had been mixed in with his uniforms the entire time. Now I have it to take with me on our upcoming trip!
Next three sessions are:
1) pick up the books in the TV room. Clean off the couch, put things away
2) finish cleaning off the computer desk, move the computer desk to its new home (we are rehoming it to the closet nearer to the cable outlet so the wire doesn't have to go that far).
3) Sweep/mop tv room. Switch laundry.
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Great job Oki Mom!

I finished with the blasted book shelf and now have my back issues, and books in order. So thats 2 shelves that look pretty put together.
It took me awhile and I never got to the art box but I think thats what I am going to do right before going to bed.

Dishes and art box here I come!
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Last two sessions for the day (boy am I tired, next time no workers come unless Im not sick).
1) sweep bedroom, clean off dresses, clean master bathroom, mop bedroom/bath
2) clean hall bathroom, clean hall, sweep/mop bathroom and hall
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My 15-minute sessions today:
1. Clean bathroom & Scrub down shower
2. Wash dishes and scrub down the final 2 side-oven racks
3. Wipe out empty cupboard and transfer dry goods (Still moving in...) Find a home for dog & cat food.
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got the older girls to do a 15 minute living room declutter with me before the school bus!
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My first 15 minute session is to do the dishes and a quick kitchen clean up and wipe down
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I feel like I've been running errands ALL DAY!

For the first session I am going to make my bed (finally!) and start packing away prepregnancy clothes. This may take a couple/few sessions. I will also throw a load of laundry in the wash.
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Ok I am also on another thread for cleaning in zones for 10 days...so I just got 50 min through that...I am going to take a break and then do a 15 minute pickup of all the toys/clothes/misc thats accumulating in my living room/den/and kitchen...
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I am going to toss a load of laundry in the washer, make the bed and start washing the dishes. :-)
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Now I'm going to fold/put away a load of laundry and transfer the other load to the dryer.
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anyone else DRAGGING today?
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I should join you. But I don't wanna.
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Originally Posted by inkedmamajama View Post
anyone else DRAGGING today?
LOL! That was me yesterday! I didn't even get my prepregnancy clothes packed away! That will be my goal for a little later today.
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Im dragging...I started my monthly gift from mother nature and I just feel like taking a shower and going back to bed....

I just completed 2 15 minutes...picked up in the kitchen and wiped down table and counters

and I took out the bathroom trash and scrubbed my tub.

Thankfully I get to at least sit for 15 minutes and fold clothes. And I have to give my DD a bath...ugh is it bedtime yet?!
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I got rather behind in on housework in general in just a few days of pregnancy exhaustion. So yesterday and today, I've been working on getting things back in order in 10, 15, or 20 minute spurts at a time, for various rooms. Maybe only 10 minutes for the guest room or the bathroom, 15 for the main living area, and 20 for the kitchen on account of dishes, etc. I've done a lot this morning already ready, and am about to head back to the kids' room for about 15 minutes, and then I think I'll need to devote 15 to laundry as well.
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I'm taking 15 minutes to get some banana bread in the oven. :-) ... And maybe some soup on the stove. :-)
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spent 15 this morning in the kitchen, that's as far as i've gotten... i'm getting sick, ds1 and ds2 are sick and ds3 is teething.
i may join you all for a while.
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Okay, this time I am really doing it. LOL. I am spending 1 fifteen minute session packing away prepregnancy clothes. I will likely not get ALL of them packed away in that time period, but a start is a start. I'll check back with my progress. :-) (I guess this is an area where I really need accountability.)
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does is count if i didn't actually finish the job? i did 15 minutes of dish washing, but the job's still not done (i had to stop, i ran out of drainer space ). i also started a load of laundry.

thanks for this thread -- 15 minutes i can handle.
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