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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
Got another 15 minutes in....cleaned the other window, took out baking soda in an effort to scrub some 'stains'...I think it's just really old stained caulk. It didn't improve that much with cleaning, whoever did it was just sloppy! I probably need to get a softer straight edge and peel it off or something.

I have to vaccum the blinds, but now taking a break and making tea. The baby is sleeping so I don't want to vacuum anyhow.
Maybe it was my DH. He's the sloppiest caulker I know.

Tea sounds really good. Maybe I'll make some decaf Earl Grey this evening.
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the dailies:
-5 minute room rescue- kitchen
-5 minute room rescue- living room
-5 minutes putting out entertainment stand hot spot
-5 minute room rescue- pantry/laundry room
-refill cat dishDONE
-refill cat dish second time
-refill cat dish third time

I have company coming next weekend. This is what I'd like done before then:
-wash floorspending
-pot 2 plants
-wash 2 walls
-change and launder sheets
-vacuum downstairs
-rent and use Rug Doctor downstairs
-wash windows
-wash down siding
-make meatloavespending
-make salmon cakes
-clean fridge
-go to kitchen store for cutting board
-cook lentilsDONE
-fix towel holders
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I'm terribly behind as usual. Let's see what of this I can get accomplished tonight:

1) laundry that's clean folded and put away
2) other laundry started
3) kitchen cleaned
4) general pick up
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I've done 3 loads of laundry today, and that's it.

Tomorrow's goal is the get gas for the mower and mow the front lawn before we get a fine. Backyard is bonus or thursday's task.
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good work mamas!

okay, busy days. this is my weekly cleaning date, and the whole house needs some attention. i also want to schedule time for other things i need to accomplish.

so, i'm going to do the following today:

morning routine! DONE

1. 5 minute room rescues x 6 areas. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2. weekly clean:
10 dust DONE
10 vac DONE
10 wipe
10 mop
10 garbage/recycling/compost
10 watering plants DONE

okay, i guess i have some things to do tomorrow :P

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good morning! its st.martins day & a lantern walk here tonight, i also have my MIL coming to stay and a bunch of housework to do before we can enjoy a nice visit..

i had completely let the kitchen fall apart and just spent an hour or more washing dishes and wiping down everything this morning.. now that's done, cast iron pans drying in the oven and a cup of hot tea, im going to knit a bit (socks) then i have a loOong list.

top of list is..

Laundry~! probably have 3 loads to do 3 loads washed, 2 dried, one going to be folded, one going into washer, one into dryer :P
Bathroom~ picked up dirty laundry & vacuumed so far
Clear out kids room (MIL is staying here while we are away, and she will have their room) Put away toys, Move doll house, get it guest ready...
Pack up clothes we need for our trip
Put away all craft supplies that i have out and pack up what i will need for the trip..
Clean out pellet stove & get pellets from shed & fill up a big bin for MIL
Water house plants half done
vacuum livingroom & front hallway

im going slow, but i did knit a fingerless glove

there is probably more, but thats a good list for now..

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So far I've:

Done 3 loads of laundry
Got food out for dinner {big one for me - I tend to forget until the last minute}
and moved DD's playhouse to a spot with more light so she will play in it.

still on the list:

Mow the lawn
clean in garage in prep for yard sale
and more laundry
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I have gotten SO behind lately.

I need to make the bed and fold/put away (gasp) 3 loads of laundry.

I need to wash the dishes.

I need to clean/clear the counter, table and coffee table.

I need to do 3 five minute room rescues.

I need to swish and swipe the bathroom.

Also, I need to put away the clean dishes and give the dish strainer a good cleaning.

Currently I have a load of towels in the washer.
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well I can now scratch mowing the lawn off my list today - I can't start the mower. Normally I pay to have it mowed, but can't afford it anymore and the darn mower doesn't want to start.
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-5 minute room rescue- kitchen
-5 minute room rescue- living room
-5 minutes putting out entertainment stand hot spot
-5 minute room rescue- pantry/laundry room
-refill cat dishpending
-refill cat dish second time
-vacuum downstairs
-wash windows
-wash down siding
-clean fridge
-fix towel holders
-clean entry room
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Okay--1st Session and I'm off to wash the dishes.
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Now to start supper!
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we spent all day cleaning in the garage and getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow.

I really didn't have as much out there as I thought - if it had been stacked neater it wouldn't have taken up much room at all.
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I need to :

straighten living room done
do dishes almost done
feed cats done
water dogs done
take out recycling done
take out trash done
clean off kitchen counter done
light candles done
make coffee done
make dh lunch done
make breakfast done
get clothes ready done
clean bathroom and prep bathtub for bath done
clean other bathroom done

Whew. I need more than 15 minutes


Okay, now I need to:

make green tea done
cut up apples done
iron shirts and dresses done
set out lessons done
prep lunch done
create donation box done
sew sash on bag done
wake children
hit the ground running .........
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Wow, Hotmamcita, you have been busy this morning!

DH and I have a dinner date with another couple this evening, so I have to bake and frost a carrot cake. The carrots, raisins and spices have simmered and then cooled overnight. So all I really have to do is mix up the dry ingredients, add to the wet ingredients and bake it in the oven. We also make our frosting from scratch, which is relatively easy. For some reason it stresses me out (maybe this is because DH told his friend that we make the best carrot cake around, so expectations are likely to be high). Also, this is my first time meeting this couple.

For some reason I have been extremely exhausted lately. Today is my 29th week of pregnancy and I'm wondering where the energy rush is that I was supposed to have return in the 2nd trimester. At least I can look forward (hopefully) to nesting.

For this morning:
1) Prepare carrot cake and get in the oven.
2) Wash dishes.
3) Make bed, toss a load of laundry in the wash and swish and swipe the bathroom.
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Can someone tell me what ETA stands for? I see it often in these forums but I haven't been able to figure it out.

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today is the yard sale - stuff is going out the door fairly well and we've made $200!

I still have a few big items to sell, and lots of clothes but after tomorrow I may have a small enough amount to neatly store until the next sale!
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Edited To Add...

great work, frugal, 200!

okay, i have to prepare for a party for 10 tomorrow, and i didn't get much done yesterday, so today is the day!!

DONE morning routine, then, in no particular order:

15 minutes per room x 6 DONE

fold away laundry DONE

wash whites?

DONE shop for ingredients for dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake + scones

DONE buy flowers

DONE buy another birthday present

DONE buy sewing supplies

bake fairy cakes DONE

and scones DONE

finish sewing bunting DONE

iron + put up the bunting DONE

blow up balloons DONE

lay the table with flowers + dishes DONE

scrub the bathroom DONE

oh dear, oh dear! a lot left for tomorrow!!


okay, i did get it all done eventually!!
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Yard sale is finished - $300+ richer {even if it is all going to bills} and a LOT of stuff gone!

Most of the large items are gone, and a few of the remaining items will be donated on monday when they can pick them up. I just need to work tomorrow putting everything back in totes and stored neatly, take down the tables, and finish cleaning the garage itself.
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Wow, frugalmama! Impressive!

I've got some cleaning I need to get done tonight. I'll list it all here and hope it keeps me motivated. I've already picked up the living room, dining room and bedroom, and I've dusted the living room, so now I need to....

Vacuum living room - done
Declutter a bit in living room -done
Dust dining room - done
Declutter bookcase in dining room -done
Fix dinner (vegan falafel burgers - yum!) - done
Shower - done
Dust bedroom
Vacuum bedroom
Declutter a bit in bedroom

Boy, I'll feel so much better when this is all done! I work tomorrow so won't feel like getting much done after tonight, and I'm just ready for it all to be beautiful.
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