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OK, bathrooms are done, living room is picked up and I vacuumed. Now to the kitchen/dishes. Then bed!
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Poetry, JoAnns does 50% off regularly priced items a lot. You can get a cheap sewing machine for around 60-70 with 50% off its around 30-35. The one I have is a bit more expensive because my DH ordered it and he wanted to get me one that will grow with me (its totally computerized and has stitches for quilting that will be handy if I ever quilt). Its a great thing. If you ever get one shoot me a message and Ill help you get started. I love helping other people find a hobby they enjoy.

Ok, I didn't do anything yesterday except buy plane tickets. I did get that one day. Today I have a TON to do and this weekend as well. Oh and good news, DH has to work on Saturday so they are giving him Monday off!! It kind of sucks he has to get into uniform and go to work but its only for an hour and then he gets all of Monday off.

My to do list for today/this weekend. Im going to separate into categories to make my life easier:

-wash rugs- waiting on the washer to be done
- Organize clothing drawers I have to admit I only did mine and the girls. I was debating doing DH's drawers as well but he doesn't like it when I organize his stuff so Ill leave it to him.
- Organize DVDs (they are just thrown up on a bookcase right now)
- quick clean house
- Living Room
- Dining room

- 2 bathrooms
- playroom
- bedroom
-TV room- up next
- Catch up on laundry (one in dryer, one in washer and one that needs to be washed plus the rugs)
-Move appliances and sweep/mop underneth
- Put car seats back together

- design/sew bag for car seat
-sew doll for DD2's birthday and DD1's Christmas present
- Sew some felt animals to entertain DD1 on the plane
- Sew 2 aprons for DD2's birthday party next week
- Sew 2 dresses for me
- sew crayon wallet for DD1 for plane
- Hem DD1's dresses and attach zipper/finish collar of one
- Sew one more dress for DD1 (then maybe she will be happy with the number of dresses she has and I don't have to hear "no want dress" all day)

Planning/trip Stuff
- work on home school stuff
- pack my luggage
- Make reservations for when we will be at Disney in the states (going to Cinderellas table for DD1, TRex for DH and a romantic date to celebrate DHs and my 4th anniversary)
-Print out reservations
-Send food list to my MIL so she can stop obsessing over not having things in the house that I would want to eat (she is a worrier)

- Pick up the bag of clothes someone is giving me for DD1
- Go to 100 yen store and get things for the kids to eat/play with on plane
- Go get last minute items for flight (diapers, pull ups (DD1 is potty trained but Im worried about an accident on the plane), infant tylenol, slip on shoes for DD1, socks for DD2 and wrapping paper for DD2s birthday presents)
- Order cake for DD2's party. I went to order the cake and they wanted 50.00 for a 1/4 sheet cake with Mickey Mouse ears on it. No way!! Im not spending that much money on that so Im going to buy the stuff and make a cake. 3.00 is a LOT better than 50.

- try to shake this cursed flu that is still making me ill.
-E-mail my grandma because I haven't in a really long time
- E-mail my brother since he hasn't been on in a really long time
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OkiMom, money is tight BUT Christmas is right around the corner. $30-35 sounds extremely reasonable for a sewing machine. I've already mentioned the idea to my husband. We're tring to do something we want/need/play with/read & PJs for Christmas gifts. I'll keep an eye out for coupons. You definitely planted a seed. I think of the things I can make for Christmas gifts next year.

DONE Make bed
DONE Start a load of laundry (Wash 2-3 loads throughout day)
DONE Wash dishes
DONE--APPOINTMENT MADE Call a local doctor to be new family doctor
DONE FB Friend Requests
DONE Put food away
DONENow I am getting dinner started.

These things will be done tomorrow and/or Saturday. I'll check in with my progress.

LL PPW/fax
School loan PPW/fax
5 Minute Room Rescue in Kitchen, Livingroom and Bedroom
Pack away remainder of prepregnancy clothes (for real this time)!
Organize catorgorized coupons by date
Organize Card/Correspondance Drawer
Fill out card for Betty/address & stamp
Email JS/LB/CH & Lisa
Call or write Aunt Mary
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well, bathrooms done, living room done and kitchen is better-all the dishes are done, the floor is swept and mopped. I still need to clear off the counter but that's something that I often work on in the am while the kids finish breakfast. I feel much better abou tthe house!
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I'd like to jump in!

2 rooms I'm focusing on tonight:
living room
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Poetry, if it works out I can send you a ton of tutorials for kids stuff. I rarely buy patterns because you can find so much online (and Im cheap).

Honestly I have no drive today. Im so tired. Im going to set my timer and make myself work for 15 minutes now. First up is the laundry because if I don't fold it soon Im going to have to rewash it.
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Ok still haven't done laundry but I did get the kitchen, living and dining room quick cleaned. Then DD2 wanted to nurse so I spent 45 minutes nursing her. Now on to laundry, organizing drawers and part of the packing I need to get done.
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living room is done-picked up and vaccuumed
dishwasher is running

also as a bonus got both kids room picked up, beds made, vaccuumed and hallway vaccuumed.
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Dh is home!! So, I haven't gotten much more done but at least someone else is here to answer DD1's questions. I swear that kid wants to know every when, where, who, how, and why there is. Its driving me batty.

Next up, TV room and putting laundry away. Going to get DH to iron fabric for me so I can start sewing soon.
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I'm going to do a couple of 15 minute spurts here this morning.

I need to do dishes and then mop the basement floor really well in one corner. (The worm bin will be going down there for the winter.) DONE, except for the worm bin. Worm bin done too!

Today I also need to clean the guest bathroom and do the sheets on my daughter's bed. Bathroom is done, I'm waiting on sheets. DONE.

It doesn't look so overwhelming when I put it on here. I can do this!
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Welcome to all the new folks posting to this thread!

Jennifer, you can do it 15 minutes at a time!

My first session: Make bed and wash dishes.
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I also folded and put away a load of laundry.

My next session will be spent on three 5 minute room rescues, which is really just going into each room and putting things where they belong. But first I'm going to shower.
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I need to fold the rest of the clean laundry and get it put away!
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Thanks for being here! I got so much more done on my list than I hoped today. I'm thinking for tomorrow:

1. Mop and wash another 1/3 of the kitchen. DONE
2. Launder DS' bed. DONE
3. Make tomato sauce. DONE
4. Wash at least two windows. DONE
5. Plant garlic.
6. Wash duck feeder. DONE
7. Wash kitchen fans. DONE
8. Make yogurt.
9. Make last loaf of pumpkin bread. DONE

That's an equal mix of indoor and outdoor work.

And the house will smell fabulous after cooking sauce all day.

Funny how 2 1/2 bushels of tomatoes can take over an entire WEEKEND. So this is now my list for today.
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I didn't get really anything done today. I couldn't get myself really motivated.
I did make reservations for the restaurants. I went to order DD2's birthday cake and they wanted WAY more than Id pay so Im making one instead. 3.00 is a LOT better than 50. I got caught up on the laundry as well.
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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post
I didn't get really anything done today. I couldn't get myself really motivated.
I did make reservations for the restaurants. I went to order DD2's birthday cake and they wanted WAY more than Id pay so Im making one instead. 3.00 is a LOT better than 50. I got caught up on the laundry as well.
Im still not motivated but I HAVE to get stuff done today. Im going to finish talking to my MIL then get to work.
First 15 minutes- clean the tv room.
Second- Clean the Bedroom
Third- Clean the hallway
Fourth- Iron fabric
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Alright - I changed daughters sheets and cleaned this section of floor boards. Next thing I'd like to do is get all of her clothes - from all over the house and get them into laundry baskets or hung up.
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My DH, me and DD1 all got food poisoning Saturday night. Im finally feeling better but a little weak. Im going to take it easy (bare minimum) and try to prepare for the trip this week. Unfortunately our house is an absolute disaster area right now and all our clothes are dirty, our linens are dirty, every dish in the house is pratically dirty. Its 10pm so Im going to try to get the baby to bed then start working on it tomorrow morning.
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Okimom, I wish I could do your laundry and/or your dishes too. You sound overwhelmed!! I can give you that at least.
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Okay...I am not doing 15 minutes but I am doing 100 things. That sounds like a lot but by 100 I mean each piece I put in the garbage, recycle, laundry etc. Until I get to 100. Here I go.....
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