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Originally Posted by tessie View Post
I don't have any strong feelings either way but it is a bit too close to quim. Which may or may not be an issue where you live.
ing: I had never heard that term before. Professor Google just schooled me.

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Quinn is my SIL's name, so I think it's fine. As someone who has chosen very specific and unusual ethnic names for her children, I think you need to pick what you like and tell everybody else to go to hell.
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I grew up in Taylor too

I think it's a great name, and I see Quinn as a girl's name. I agree with the first two people, it's the best name yet
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I have a good friend who named her baby girl Quinn last year. It's adorable, especially because they have an Irish last name, too.

I love the name and don't think it's a "boys" name at all.
I say use it! It's beautiful and unique.
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I love it! It was on my short list but DH nixed it.
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I love that name! It's awesome
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if you like the name you should keep it. not everyone is going to like the name you pick unfortunately. me and my DH have this little guys name picked out, i told everyone and they were just like 'ok...', but then i told my step mom's, mom, and she went as far as to crinkle her nose and say "seriously?...", and then, "well i guess it's not AS BAD as that celebrity that named her kid apple".

i don't think many people like the name me and DH picked, but whatever, it's a great name! screw everyone else
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I didn't even know that Quinn would ever be used as a boy name I have only met females with that name! I think it is wonderful! Go for it and do not let anyone sway you one way or the other. This is your baby not theirs!!!!
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Originally Posted by pjs View Post
You get to push the baby out of your private parts so you get exclusive naming rights. I wouldn't worry about what other peoples' thoughts are- once she's here that's who she'll be and people will love her for being her.
So the dad should be left out of it?
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Quinn Taylor is a fine name. It's not a name that's so far out there, like K-aa (my fiance met a woman with that name, pronouced Ki-dash-uh, and she HATED it), or half the celeb baby names, that it'll attract negative attention. And it's not a blatant guy name, like David or Christopher. It may not be everyone's first choice or favorite, but it's a normal name that's either the gender of the baby or neutral. So don't worry what others think if you didn't ask.
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everyone will always comment Quinn is lovely name for a girl.
i often get comments if i tell people chloes middle name is caledonia.
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Originally Posted by Noelle C. View Post
So the dad should be left out of it?
In this case, yeah. Vegasgrl's flying solo on this parenting journey.
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Get right up in that coworkers face and tell him that the next time he pushes a watermelon out of his vagina he can comment on the name.

Quinn is a great name boy or girl. I know a girl Quinne and she is a doll.

I even suggested it to DH and he said we could put it on the list.
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Quinn is a great girls' name! An old friend of mine gave her first born DD that as a middle name, I always thought it was ingenious!

When I finally decided on a first/middle name combo for this LO, the first people I told were my 3 kids - and they loved it as much as I did, which pretty much sealed the deal.

The next people I told were my dad and step-mom. Step mom looked at me as if I'd suddenly grown a second head and said dryly "Well, that's interesting". My dad was in horror when I told him because the first two initials will be B.O. and he swore up and down that he would be tortured endlessly because of it.

That whole exchange really, really, I mean really sucked the wind out of my sails for a few days. Then I talked to my DD (15) who being in high school I figured could give me some perspective on the teasing potential of having the first two initials of your name be B.O. and she made me feel a million times better. Then my sister reminded my that her oldest DD's first two initals are B.M. and she is nearly finished with grade school and NO ONE has ever given her crap (no pun intended) about it.

Just give your baby a name you LOVE mama. If it's a name you relish the idea of repeating a million times over during the course of your life, than USE it.
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DDC crashing - My 15 yo dd's best girl friends name is Quinton, Quinn for short. I like it and it suits her well.
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Go for it. I love Quinn( it's my ds's name)! We've found it is still unique enough that we don't come across the name a lot. Actually we have only met one other male Quinn. Most of the Quinn's we've met or heard about have been girls! So there. I think it is very appropriate for a girl!
Originally Posted by vegasgrl View Post
Ha - this was my fight about Ryan. On a resume, they'd think she was a boy. Super crappy, but could land her an interview if they were on the fence.

The super name is Quinn Taylor.

Turns out Quinn is more a boys name than a girls name - it was 280 for boys last year and 516 for girls: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/.

I was so excited about it because it's not that common, which is important to me. Also, it's Irish (BD and I are both Irish/German). And it means "counsel" which can translate to "deliberate and purposeful" - two things which I am absolutely not and I hope she will be better at.

Taylor is the name of a town both my parents grew up in and that I lived in until I was 6. I have extended family on both sides still there; I think my Aunt is on the city council. Since LO and I are 2000 miles away, I thought this was a fitting way to honor the whole family by the name, but it's way too common (for me) for a first name.

3rd coworker is significantly older than me and started singing about Quinn the Eskimo.
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I love the name Quinn for a girl. I know one grown up Quinn (girl), and our friends just named their DD Quinn in July. Go for it! It's perfect!!!

We are also considering the name Ryann as a middle name for our little girl (after MIL Ann). We know another Ryann (2 yo girl), and I think it is a great twist on a classic name...and a little more feminine.
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Quinn the Eskimo is awsome. The mighty Quinn is a great compliment especially if you love music, the Grateful Dead would sing that song and Dylan wrote it. I would name my kid Quinn if I didn't already know three boys with that name, one is my teacher. I never thought of it as a girls name, very creative and unique. I always like the girls name Gwen too. Sweet one syllable names. Everyone has an opinion huh... I guess it's better than being fake. But you can avoid annoying comments by just keeping it a secret. Just tell peeps you have a list, heck I won't even discuss this stuff with my Mom because I dont' want her opinions. She is bound to not like the name I pick, just like my grandparents didnt like my name until they got use to it and me...
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I like Quinn also. I am amazed at how many people here know girls named Quinn! I know boys only named quinn. Anyhoo, my nephew's name is Quinn Adam and I think it is a great name for either gender. If people don't like it, tell them tough crap. People keep suggesting names to us that are much more.. well, "soap opera" than we like, and I am so fed up that I am saying to them "You should have another baby so you can name him that!"
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I love the name Quinn!!!
I know it's hard not to take it to heart what other people say. We nixed a few names that both DH and I loved because we told people them and they went "eww". So the name we have chosen now has remained a secret... well not quite I told my teenaged sisters what they thought and if there could be any bad nicknames associated with it. They both really liked the name (at least I think they do, but I just found out that one hated the name Grayson, and didn't tell me that until we decided to nix the name).
I would say go for Quinn Taylor if you feel like it is the right name, it is the right name. And nobody should be able to tell you otherwise.
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