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This thread is pretty played out, so I'm hoping no one reads this.

I was watching Glee last night. There's a Quinn on Glee. I'm positive it was stuck in my head from the show when I looked at the Irish Baby Names list. Now the two Quinn pop culture references I have are from Glee, and Daria's little sister. I'm not sure I can name my kid after a character on Glee.
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My bff named her little girl after a character on Star Trek Deep Space 9. She was going to be the whole name: Kiera Narisse, but I (and some others I'm sure) convinced her that would be going a bit too far, so the little girl is Chloe Narisse.

Quinn is common enough elsewhere that I don't think she'd ever know it was some one on Glee, it could as easily have been your fond reminisces of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
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quinn is an awesome name. i'm a little bit jealous.
i love the fact that i think of quinn the eskimo and the mighty quinn. two great references!

i suggest keeping your name ideas a secret. months ago, we told my FIL my first choice at the time and after his reaction it got pretty much dropped from the list. he later told my SIL the name, which she loved, and according to her, he was practically in tears because he realized the damage was already done and we weren't considering it much anymore. since then, we tell no one. if they press me, i'll just ask for their suggestions.

also, i don't know if you work in a family business, but your coworker is likely not someone you're going to develop a lifetime attachment to. value (or not) his opinion with that in mind. i imagine you will eventually forget his name, even! but your daughter, she'll always be there. so, i say name her what you want (yay quinn!!!) and forget him!
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