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Can you tell me about lifting heavy things and miscarriage?

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Here's the basic scoop. We've been TTC, I'm still trudging through my 2ww, I have no idea, I'm trying not to think that I'm pregnant because finding out I'm not hurts too much.

But today I lifted up a really heavy box of books from a difficult angle (among other boxes), I don't know what I was thinking, that it wouldn't be as heavy as it was, I guess, and then once I got it started I didn't just want to drop it. But, oh! Pain exploded kind of off to the left in my abdomen, it doesn't hurt horribly anymore, more of a dull ache, and now crampy across my entire lower abdomen.

I'm hoping I just kind of tweaked something, but I'm really distressed and worried. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what, if anything, to expect if I actually am pregnant. I could be, at most, 3 weeks pregnant (I know it's supposed to be a 2ww but I have no idea when I ovulate, I have never been regular in anything.)

If this did happen, and triggered a miscarriage, would I be expecting blood? Would I have seen blood immediately? Later? Anything else I should be watching for? I'm probably over-reacting, I am good at that when it comes to pregnancy related issues, but I am very scared about the entire thing. Any way of knowing what I might have done?
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It sounds to me like you may have tweaked a muscle, possibly a round ligament, which is really easy to do and a common pregnancy pain. Every time I coughed in the first tri I would have ligament pain! Generally pregnant women aren't at risk of a miscarriage from heavy lifting; that's mostly a myth. They're just at risk of hurting themselves because their ligaments soften to allow your uterus to grow and your pelvis to stretch. The lifting restriction is really about preventing you from straining your back.

In the 2ww, I should think that if you "miscarried" you wouldn't expect anything unusual to happen. So if you miscarried by somehow dislodging an egg, I would think you'd just get your period like normal.
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Thank you so much for your response and putting my mind at ease! I wish that bleeding *would* happen even in an early MC, just so I would *know*, though, if you know what I mean.

I think the box problem was really less about being way too heavy, and more about it's position and how WRONG I had to lift it to get it out. It was really idiotic to do on my own, but, well, I was on my own and I wanted the books! I pretty much deserved to tweak something the way I did it. Now that you mention round ligament pain, I remember it and I am quite sure actually it is what I have disturbed, pregnant or not. That definitely explain the way it wraps from my back around my left side to somewhere under my belly button.

Thank you again! I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get a response.
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I moved out of this house and then back again at 30 and 36 weeks respectively. There was lot of box lifting, furniture moving and ladder climbing! As the PP said, the issue is that your ligaments soften making you more prone to injury. Lifting a heavy weight, even awkwardly will not cause a miscarriage.

Anyway, hope all is well and that you are indeed pregnant.
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Sounds like either round ligament pain or ovarian pain, not m/c. to you.
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The concern for lifting has nothing to do with baby but everything to do with possibly hurting yourself.
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