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Skulls on children's clothing

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What are your thoughts?

Cute or Horrible?

I'm just curious, because of a comment I read on FB. There was a link to Gymboree's upcoming lines, and for the boys it includes skulls.

I commented, "Love the skull and cross-bone shoes" b/c I thought they were cute and will be definitely getting my boys each a pair (b/c I know they will like them, not just b/c I like them )

One person said, "We do not do skulls on our children's clothing".

Just wondering if I am a weirdo for not only allowing skulls, but thinking they are cute

My DD, age 8, has this jansport backpack she takes to school every day which happens to have skulls and hearts on it. It never occurred to me that it was inappropriate for a child.
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my kids love the whole skull and crossbone pirate-y thing. Especially the middle one who has been obsessed since she was three (before pirates of the carabean came out, before it was cool). I can understand why some people object, just as I understand why people object to cartoon characters. neither bother me.
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I don't really think they're cute, but they don't bother me. I certainly wouldn't call them horrible. DS1 got a cap with some skulls on it when he was about 7 or 8. It didn't bother me.

Of course, I wore a vest with a skull on it for about 10 years, myself.
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We don't have a problem with it. I can see more conservative parents in our area not allowing them, though.
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Kids love pirates. No problem here.
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Love them, but as an aging still-sorta-goth, that's where my tastes are.
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DD1 has a dress that is pink with white Jolly Rogers all over it. I love it and so does she. It's packed away for DD2 now.
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Obviously you're not too weird, since they're pretty clearly meant to be the latest fashion. My neighbor sends her six-year-old to school in skull shirts and shoes. Of course, this is the same woman who's still mad because they told her son what a graveyard was for in Bible school. Everyone has different associations and opinions. To me, it's just another decorative motif, to someone else it might have associations with punks or drugs or who knows what.
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oh, and I totally respect that some parents don't want their kids wearing certain things (cartoon characters is a great example) I was just wondering if others were going to look down at my sweet little boys with skull shoes and think they were hoodlums or something
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I like children's clothes to look child-like and that doesn't include skulls IMO. I wouldn't judge someone for dressing their kid in skull/pirate stuff though--I can see why you would think it's cute!
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We don't do skulls on my DD's clothes but she is only 2 and honestly has no real clue about pirates or anything of the sort. I don't know though...I'm not a fan of all the skull and crossbone stuff out there.
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What would the problem be?

it's a skull- we all have a skull..

IMO, Not allowing it is like forbidding a shirt with a brain or eyeball drawing on it..

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hmm...wasn't thinking about skulls and crossbone. DS2 had a pair of rainboots with a pirate theme. They had a skull and crossbone design on them. He's outgrown them, though.
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Neither. I don't think they are cute. But I don't care if other people want to dress their kids in clothes with skulls. If DS asked for something with skulls on it, I might get it for him. It's just not my taste. (I don't wear stuff with skull either so it's not just kids clothes for me.)

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Love the skulls here. Kiddo does, too.

We don't love footballs. Some people do. We don't care for flags, either. Some folks do, especially in July. I don't really even think about what other folks put on their kids, unless it's truly offensive or disturbing.

Skullies? Awesome.
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Originally Posted by vegemamato View Post
What would the problem be?

it's a skull- we all have a skull..

IMO, Not allowing it is like forbidding a shirt with a brain or eyeball drawing on it..

It's not the skull, I would be fine with just a skull or bones, a skeleton outfit on halloween etc. It's the pirate imagery I don't like, pirate history is not really very nice. My kids are only 1 and 3 though so I have a lot of control over what they wear. I may be singing a different tune in 5 years!
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The shoes I thought were cute.

Another part of the new line that has a skull shirt here.

Per the dress code at my older two kids' school, the shirt would not be allowed but I think the shoes would be okay.

eta: the links aren't really working right b/c it's flash, so if anyone is interested - you have to click back or forward a page or two. I tried the shoes I like have several tiny skulls on them.
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We have tons of skull/creepy/spooky clothing for DD (and us too), but that might be normal for formerly punky/gothy people who like pirates and wait all year for Halloween.

I actually buy DD a lot of stuff during the Halloween clearance sales to wear throughout the rest of the year, because it's easier to find black and cute but not frilly girl's clothing. I'm glad that it's becoming easier to find.

Anyone who would think a little kid in skull shoes is a hoodlum isn't thinking very hard. It isn't like he went out and bought them himself!
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I don't particularly care for them and I do get a bit irritated that so much stuff lately has skulls of one kind or another on it. It's just not something that appeals to me and neither one of my boys takes enough interest in their clothes at this point to care one way or another. So since I don't care for them and they don't ask for them I'd rather not buy them but it can be a bit hard at times finding something that fits that doesn't have a skull on it if that makes any sense. If they suddenly start taking an interest in what's on their clothes and ask for something with skulls on it then they'd more than likely get it. Assuming it doesn't cost and arm and a leg of course, LOL. Doesn't bother me if someone else wants to dress their kiddo in it though.
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I don't particularly like skulls on clothing for anybody, of any age. I won't wear them, and I wouldn't pick it out for my kids.

However, I wouldn't stop any of my kids from wearing things that are "not my taste" once they're old enough to pick out their own clothes. I just don't think clothing is worth fighting about, especially not something like a cartoony skull design on otherwise appropriate clothing styles. I save my "gentle persuasion" about clothing on modesty (appropriate parts of the body being covered), not on fabric designs.

I certainly wouldn't think twice if I saw a young child wearing skull design clothing. It's just clothing- not my own personal taste, but nothing to make a big deal about either.
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