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I love little skulls, etc...they are cute. I know it's really big right now, I get why...we don't buy anything new, so it's not like I'm bombarded with the latest fashions when I go to buy for my DD, but it's not something I would really buy. I would never wear them myself....if DD wanted to, I would never stop her, but I won't buy it for her either.

I don't really like clothing with ANYTHING on it in the way of symbols, graphics etc...I'm highly repulsed by cartoons, etc on clothing and don't like to think of my kid as a walking billboard for media companies and all that garbage...but when it comes to symbols like skulls, flags, etc...I'm sensitive there as well. Like I said...I'd let DD wear them if she fell in love with the fashion of it...but I'm sensitive to words, symbols, etc on clothing...I think that the symbols we see and wear and internalize on a constant basis are important and far more impactful than we might think...sometimes I feel like wearing a certain symbol on your body is more than just a clothing choice..I don't know. It's just a weird feeling I have, nothing strong enough that it would make me ban it from the house.

I've seen some absolutely heartbreakingly adorable skull and bones clothing on children....so, I'm not like TOTALLY against it....but it's not something my DD would wear unless she picked it out. She can wear whatever she likes.
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I found the emergence of skull and crossbones in all clothing to be depressing. I see enough evidence of death and violence in the world, so maybe this trend is reflecting that. But I'm not interested in feeding it. It just doesn't make me feel good when I see it. I hope that doesn't mean I've got a huge problem with mortality. Then again, the only 'rule' I have about clothing so far is no camoflauge. Probably for teh same reason. Hannah Montana etc. will probably join that list, at least for a while. But I really like animal prints, though I can completely understand others' objections to those. So go figure.

I DID see the most wonderful bear-and-crossbones motif, I think on a little purse. It was in pink. If I could EVER find that in clothes, for dd or me, I would be SO happy. Has anyone seen this? It was the perfect antidote to how the skull-and-crossbones thing feels to me.
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Originally Posted by Ravin View Post
So I fall in the "no Disney characters but skulls are okay" category.
Originally Posted by tankgirl136 View Post
Dia de los Muetros and the skulls always said to me, "remember we all must die, but today is for the living, be happy and live well"!!! For this reason I have no problem with me or my child wearing skulls, in fact my DS already has a small stockpile of skulls in many different styles for his future clothing. I normally hate trends and avoid them, but since I liked skulls before it became trendy, I refuse (just like in school) to change just because the trends moved to things I like.
Skull baby items weren't so easy to find when dd was born 6 years ago, so dh especially was excited whenever we found anything. But at about age 3 dd told us she didn't really like pirate or rock n' roll stuff and made her preference for pink and purple known so we respect that. She still has a few black and/or skully items, but they are not her favorites.
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I'm not nuts about some of the tough or Goth motifs for little kids -- not really my taste, I think it's more of a teenage look. And i just hate seeing camo on them.

I did buy this for my daughter, though: http://www.target.com/mdp/B0027U90WU/ref=br_qi_1_14? I think Day of the Dead has completely different connotations.
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Love that nightgown! Not sure if dd would want to go to sleep looking at those skulls, though! She might. I think it's great to see all the fresh takes on the skull-and-crossbones. I hope the trendiness means there will be more stuff like this!
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My guys are really into pirates and see the skull and crossbone to be just like the Jolly Rogers that pirates fly on their ships. I don't mind it and have bought them a couple shirts from Target with the emblem which they love.
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My kids fell in love with skulls and Jolly Rodgers with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now they 15, 11, and 9.... we have skulls and cross bones. My 11 is going goth and she goes back and forth if they are cool or not.
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Originally Posted by crl View Post
Neither. I don't think they are cute. But I don't care if other people want to dress their kids in clothes with skulls. If DS asked for something with skulls on it, I might get it for him. It's just not my taste. (I don't wear stuff with skull either so it's not just kids clothes for me.)

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As long as they aren't too scary looking. My son has a toddler-sized tee from the GAP which I adore. The skull/crossbones are a printed fabric so they don't look real at all. Just cute.

And I LOVE these shoes: http://www.jackandlily.com/c378006187p17147064.2.html
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I find that most of the skull and crossbones stuff out there to be pretty ugly and there's just so much of it. I also tend to not do fads at all. I like things that are unique and funky. The skulls are just getting way to overdone for my tastes. If other people want to wear them or have them for their kids, it doesn't really bother me though.
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I probably wouldn't go out of my way to get them (I'm the odd intersection of a former punk/grunge young'un who was raised by a mom who said "Black is not an appropriate color for young children to wear). That being said, I'd choose skulls over camouflage any day of the week. I hate hate hate that trend.
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I have no problem with skulls. My 10 month old has a black shirt with pink skull and crossbones on it. I think its cute.
I also don't have a problem with camouflage. When I see it I think of the wonderful, brave and loyal people I served in the Marines with. My daugther has a camo dress I made her because she wanted to look like Daddy (my husband is a Marine as well). That being said I live in a military community and rarely see camo on the kids, most parents don't like to dress their kids in something that someone might think is a uniform item and take offense to it. I also like the new cammie material not the old type. The old pattern makes me think of hunters and I don't hunt.
I think a lot of it depends on the meaning you put behind the item. Everyone thinks something different when they see clothing. Personally I don't like frilly girls clothes or sports/cars on boys clothes because Im not of fan of sterotyping your children before they even have a say in what they like.
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I had never gave much thought to camo, either, so it's good to hear other's thoughts on that as well. I can think of a couple pairs of shorts we have that are green and blue camo print.

Also, I didn't realize how popular or trendy skulls were nowadays (I guess I don't pay much attention!) so that wasn't why I thought they were cute. But, since it was mentioned here I found a winter hat and scarf set at Gap I like (not sure if I will buy it, though, it doesn't get that cold here) and this hoodie from Old Navy I am for sure going to pick up for my 6 yo -- after I ask him if he wants it, of course .

I am enjoying all the different viewpoints on this thread. Thanks, mamas.
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Originally Posted by stormborn View Post
MIL & GMIL managed to be disturbed when I came to their house wearing a shirt with skulls right after my first baby was born! Because "you're a MOM, you can't wear stuff like THAT!!!!" Huh? Because I reproduced I must switch to plain Tshirts? Okkkkk.
Going a little OT, but this is one of my pet peeves. I hated it when some people started acting like I must have had a personality transplant when I had my son, and it was okay to criticize me, because I hadn't. I'm me. I was me before I had a kid, and I'm me now that I have four of them. Some changes and growth? Obviously. But, I didn't just flip a switch that turned Lisa off and "mom" on.
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
As someone with a master's degree in medieval death!
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DD's backpack last year had a skull and guitar on it. She's not so into them now, neither does she dislike them.
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We are a skull loving family! We all wear items that have skulls/crossbones. I have a Skurvy Paul Frank bike.
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Well, DD has these shoes, DS has a pair of Vans slip on shoes that have gold skulls on them (they were $5 on sale and he wanted them), DH has some Dead shirts with skulls. . .other than that, we don't have any other skulls in our home. I don't see anything wrong with them or with liking jolly rogers, I just don't want them to be too violent looking, have blood on them, etc. . .
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I've never thought anything was wrong with. DS has several shirts with different designs along those lines as do my girls. Both my girls backpacks have skulls on it. Skulls with hair bows, or flowers, I thought they were cute.
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I just don't really care for them on babies and toddlers. No idea why; I guess I just want to see sweet-looking things on babies? I don't care what other parents do, but I wouldn't buy something with skulls on it for my baby. I'm just not into it.

Now for older kids, especially if they're into pirates or something, it makes more sense to me.

I don't really care for camo either.
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