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My DD chose a luggage set with a skull/heart/guitar motif in black and pink last summer for her summer trip. It included a backpack which she now wears to school.

So I fall in the "no Disney characters but skulls are okay" category.

She's doing a pirate-themed birthday party in a couple of weeks, lots of Jolly Roger stuff included. I do see a difference between romanticized pirates of popular culture and actual, historical ones (just as I see a difference between the romanticized medieval stuff in the SCA and the actual medieval period). The former is fun, the latter nasty and brutal. We go with the fun.

My mom has this thing about not letting babies/little kids wear black. I wanted to get this black Yoda onesie for my baby brother and she made it clear he wouldn't be put in it if I did. The school district in my hometown has a no-skulls rule, too. It's annoyed my teenage foster sister before. She had these cool long fingerless gloves (she has CP and uses the type of crutches with a plastic thing that goes around your arm, so she likes having something on her forearm even when she wears short sleeves) that had a skull on them, and my mom had to remove the skull so she could wear them to school.
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Dia de los Muetros and the skulls always said to me, "remember we all must die, but today is for the living, be happy and live well"!!! For this reason I have no problem with me or my child wearing skulls, in fact my DS already has a small stockpile of skulls in many different styles for his future clothing. I normally hate trends and avoid them, but since I liked skulls before it became trendy, I refuse (just like in school) to change just because the trends moved to things I like.

I also want to say the history of piracy is a strange and unusual thing, not all pirates were bad and not all pirates were good, many were inbetween and then you have good old privaters, that one nation saw as the good guys, and another country saw as the bad, it just depended on where you lived. I find it all very interesting personally.
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If there is actually a pirate theme than it doesn't bother me. Otherwise, I dislike it because it looks like an adult shoving "cool" stuff on their kids.

But I generally dislike adult-ish themes. I really, really, really dislike seeing children in camaflague for instance.
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Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post
If there is actually a pirate theme than it doesn't bother me. Otherwise, I dislike it because it looks like an adult shoving "cool" stuff on their kids.

But I generally dislike adult-ish themes. I really, really, really dislike seeing children in camaflague for instance.
I agree on camo.. I think it is only for hunters! But don't you like to put something cute or "cool " on your kids every now and then? I have so much fun dressing them up. My three year old believe it or not is really into clothes. He likes picking out colorful shirts,etc. We have a blast expressing ourselves that way. Heck, I even let him wear a halloween dinosaur costume last year when it wasn't halloween. He wanted to.. so I said why not! ha ha ha.. and now he is always asking me to put color in his hair. I could go on and on.. I'm a geek. I just like to have fun with things.
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Originally Posted by mystiquesmom View Post
Love them, but as an aging still-sorta-goth, that's where my tastes are.
This! LOL
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Originally Posted by Rowansmama View Post
I had the cutest pair of pink robeez-type slippers for DD when she was little. They had a little skull and cross bones, and the skull had a pink flower in her "hair". I thought they were great. But then, I used to play in a punk band, so that's kind of my thing
Dd1 bought a pair of these for her baby sister today.
I don't have any objections, obviously, but I can see it offending someone out there. MIL & GMIL managed to be disturbed when I came to their house wearing a shirt with skulls right after my first baby was born! Because "you're a MOM, you can't wear stuff like THAT!!!!" Huh? Because I reproduced I must switch to plain Tshirts? Okkkkk.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
Thanks for the additional info.

and now I'm curious about Lacoste, b/c I have no idea. I saw a pair of shoes with the little crocodile on them the other day, but other than that I haven't noticed that brand since I was young. I'll have to google it to see what up.

eta: or do you just mean b/c it represents a particular brand?
Just because when I was in school I couldn't afford the actual Lacoste stuff and it was source of some teasing.
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Love it! When we were in Seattle we went into a pirate store. We almost bought Lincoln a onsie (it was too expensive so we didn't) that had a skull on it and said "Surrender the Boobie" I LOVED it.
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Hmm, well-- as one PP said, pirate history is full of all sorts of nastiness (as well as some romantic and interesting bits). Glorifying pirates is a lot like glorifying the slave trade or something, imho. So I don't "like" pirates.

That said, the skull and crossbones has been taken over to serve as imagery for a lot of other things, too (stylized pirates, goth-y things, even the Punisher, right? [though a different looking one, I guess]), soooo I am not drastically opposed to it, but wouldn't choose it, either.

What I think is ridiculous is that the sort of "fringe" skull and crossbones design is becoming trendy for children! It sounds like most of the people who have posted who do dress your children in skull/crossbones are edgy and interesting people -- so I'm assuming that you don't do most of your child-clothes shopping at Gymboree and Old Navy (the places carrying these trendy new designs). I think it's pretty funny that very non-edgy, non-fringe people are buying skull-and-crossbone clothes for their kids because ON and Gymb. are telling them it's cool. People are just nuts.

So-- I wouldn't, and the biggest reason why is because it's such a silly trend.
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I think it's fine. In fact, Jaminga had some really cute stuff in a Día de los Muertos motif a couple of years ago that I couldn't resist.
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Ds is wearing a T-shirt with a smiling skull and crossbones as I type. He liked it and I think it's cute. No harm there
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It really depends on each individual item.

I think it started with the huge popularity of the Pirates movies. The skulls showed up in the clothing stores around that time. They sold well, and then were marketed to younger and younger children.

I saw an Ed Hardy (or Ed Hardy-ish) little girl's pink backpack in a store last night that looked way too violent.

I saw a teenager wearing a shirt with adorable skulls with smiley faces and thought it was cute.

In general I like them, but they go over the top sometimes.

Skulls have been popular at various times in history...during the plague they were all over in art work and even stacked up in decorative ways in caverns (?) in Italy to reflect the death that was all around everyone...

and then there is the whole Grateful Dead fan stuff (the band got their name from a group of folktales where a deceased spirit was grateful for the kindness of a human's actions that helped them move on...)

Not to mention the (Mexican?) celebrations of Day of the Dead where people eat sugar candy skulls....Halloween...

Skulls are deep in our psyches for so many reasons.
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
As someone with a master's degree in medieval death and dying and a danse macabre tattoo...I love me some skulls!! DS has a bunch of cute skull/skeleton wear, including this:http://www.gymboree.com//shop/dept_i...=1253666599771 which glows in the dark!!
I never knew such a degree existed. How incredibly cool. I bet you could expend on my previous post BIG TIME!!!
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My daughters love skulls. Well, the little one loves skulls because the older one does. I don't know why the older one loves them, but it could be that I was doing graduate studies in anthropology when she was 2-3 years old and she was exposed to a lot of bones. When she went for her 3 year check up she was naming the bones on the model skeleton including "phalanges, scapula, sternum, tibia" etc. Her doctor was quite impressed. Sometimes you just have to go along with what they are "into" at the time even if it makes you cringe.
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I think skulls are fine, my kids have a few skull print shirts.
As long as they're tasteful that is, and non-violent. I'd rather see them dressed head to toe in skulls, than in clothing advertising a brand (like Gap) or movies (like Disney).
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I don't mind clothing with skulls on it. My kids pick their clothes and dh and I pretty well stay out of what they choose (except completely vulgar things). My 7 year old is obsessed with dirt bikes and the symbol for one group of riders he loves is a skull and that doesn't bother me at all.

I just can't see getting worked up over a picture of a skull.
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I quite like some of the skull clothing. We don't have any right now, but when DD was younger she had a pink toque with a skull on it and also a striped t-shirt with a cute skull with a bow on its head. I got that stuff at H&M.
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jet is really into talking about and looking at skeletons/skulls/bones/joints. he likes skull clothes. it doesn't bother me at all.
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My 5 week old has skull and crossbone sleepers from the gap. I like them.

To his his/her own!
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Originally Posted by alfabetsoup View Post
I like children's clothes to look child-like and that doesn't include skulls IMO. I wouldn't judge someone for dressing their kid in skull/pirate stuff though--I can see why you would think it's cute!
This is me. Not what I like for my kids but have no problem with other's kids wearing them.
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