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If you don't usually have a lot of wine in one sitting, try buying it by the box. It sounds counter-intuitive as it is much more than just a bottle, but it stays fresh way longer because it isn't exposed to the air (there is a little spiggot thing). You can easily have a glass or two a day, or every few days, or once a week, and it is fine. We have had boxes last over three months without issue, and there are some pretty good choices out there in boxed wine these days.
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I've heard of trick where you pour oil - any kind of mild-tasting cooking oil - over the top of the wine. This shields it from air, and it stays good longer. When you want another glass, you just pour the oil off the top, though this actually sounds much easier than I think it is!
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Bota Box wine is great for those of you who just want like a glass of wine every night or so. It stays fresh for about a month and a box is equal to 4 bottles. I love the Merlot.
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we'll have to try freezing it, and perhaps we'll make vinegar as well. We too have like 6 half open bottles in the fridge. well, we did. they went bad. inedibly bad. I won't drink day old red wine, it tastes oxidized to me. (yes, I'm a snob.) DP will drink older wine, but we don't drink that much wine. (Never a whole bottle in one night between the two of us.)

I wont cook with older wine either (so freezing might be good.) DP will, but I don't think it tastes as good, and don't think you should cook with wine that isn't totally drinkable.

If only they sold GOOD wine with a large selection in those little half-size bottles. I cook with wine a lot more than I drink it. (I'm so trying to freeze our next bottle's leftovers, since it would be great to have wine to cook with stored.)
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Originally Posted by Gentle~Mommy :) View Post
We never have leftover wine LOL

If we do, I usually just have a bit which gets used in cooking.
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