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Quickening--how soon?

Poll Results: What is the soonest you have felt a baby moving?

  • 41% (16)
    Week 14
  • 17% (7)
    Week 15
  • 17% (7)
    Week 16
  • 7% (3)
    Week 17
  • 2% (1)
    Week 18
  • 2% (1)
    Week 19
  • 10% (4)
    Week 20+
39 Total Votes  
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Okay, I know "quickening" is an old term, but I love it

How soon did you feel this baby/your previous babies moving? I think at this point none of us are far enough to be feeling anything in this pregnancy, but I'm getting conflicted results online (some say no sooner than 14 weeks, others say 18 weeks is "early" to feel anything).

If you had different experiences w/ different pregnancies, either post the earliest of an average.

ETA: since so many have posted stories of movement before 14 weeks, please read 14 weeks as "14 weeks or less". I don't think I can add a new choice to the poll at ths point.
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you don't have an option for mine! I starte feeling #1 at 13 weeks. and I swear I've already felt #2 even earlier!
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With my first three, I started feeling "flutters" around week 11. By 15 weeks I feel regular kicks. By 18 weeks other people can see/feel kicks. I am 10 weeks along right now. We'll see if I get flutters next week. I have had a few times in the past week where it almost felt like flutters, but I chalked it up to maybe my uterus quivering in a spot, just because it seemed too early.
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I don't really remember, but I know with baby #2, it was somewhat later than other due to the placental placement. I had an anterior placenta with that pregnancy and it muffled a lot of the movement, even close to term.
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I swear I felt DS a few times around week 12/13 last time. By 15 weeks I was having regular 'kicks' that I could count. By 18 weeks other people could see/feel them on the outside.
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You don't have mine listed either.

With number 4 I started feeling "flutters" at the end of 9 weeks, and I knew it was baby because I could lay flat on my back and suck in my gut and see the bulge where the baby was, that was where the movement was.

My Dr could also feel him move and see him move at 16 weeks (which she said was almost unheard of) at least it had never happened to her. hehe
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okay, GREAT. These are very happy responses, but it does make my first poll ever a real dud

I have been feeling "flutters" over the past week or so (12-13 weeks), but I have been telling myself they're just gas/intestinal sounds/whatever, because everything I read online makes it seem like feeling movement at this point is not possible. My mw also told me that I'm measuring slightly large (fundal height), so I've been wondering if I could be farther along than we thought. I think that's pretty impossible, given ov. dates, but still.


Thanks, everyone!
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I'm not pregnant but I wanted to answer anyway (hope that is ok)

With my son, I was about 20 weeks before I regularly felt movm't - he never was a tremendously active baby.

With my daughter, I actually felt and saw her move at 11 weeks. My husband thought I was crazy until he saw it, too. We were convinced that I was either pregnant with twins or much further along than we thought. Turned out that she was just a freakishly strong baby.
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16 weeks with baby #1 and not until after 20 weeks with baby #2 because I had an anterior placenta, and like pp said his movements were muffled the whole time.
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Originally Posted by MaterPrimaePuellae View Post
okay, GREAT. These are very happy responses, but it does make my first poll ever a real dud
Could you edit your first post to tell people that the 14 week answer can be 14 weeks OR prior?
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I think that the online information is sh!t, some of the time, and this is certainly one of them!

With my first pregnancy, when relaxed and had eaten in the past hour, I could feel flutters consistently at week 13. I thought I was crazy, but I also know my body very well, and that was not like ANY type of gas that I have ever felt, before or since. By 16 weeks I was feeling regular movement. I also had a very active baby, and a posterior placenta.

With this pregnancy, I first felt 'something' on Sat (10.5 weeks), when I was squatting down and bending over (basically folded myself into a contorted ball) to get something under the coffee table. I felt a distinct flutter. Repeated said yoga-esque position and felt it again. Last night when lying really still (during meditation) also felt really really light flutters. These are all deep internal, not at all felt at the skin.

Basically, I think it depends on the woman's body, her ability to be in tune with changes in her body, location of the uterus at the time, and action of the babe.

I also love this nugget from the online 'resources' "Although your uterus is filling your pelvic cavity, your own body has changed very little. It will still be several more weeks before wearing cute maternity fashions!".

Seriously, I don't know what supermodel women with abs of steel they are monitoring, but there is no way that my uterus could be that big and not have it show on my body. Not to mention the playboyesque breasts.
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i don't remember the exact times. just normal times i guess. last week in the car with my seat belt "pushing" all my skin together i felt a very distinct "swipe" from inside. 12 weeks. i know that's what it was. so it's all starting!
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with DS, I got the quickening at 18 weeks 4 days....
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
Could you edit your first post to tell people that the 14 week answer can be 14 weeks OR prior?
I edited the first post but could not edit the poll itself.

Unicorn75, I know, seriously. The "grapefruit" of my uterus has no where to go but out, especially after a meal.

Thanks again for all the replies! It's very exciting.
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I can't figure out what's baby squirming and what's gas these days. I know I feel something moving down there, lol.

Last pregnancy I was sure I felt baby around this time, but then I ended up having a missed miscarriage, so I'm not going to trust any feelings around this until it feels like definate baby movements. My midwife even doubted me.
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campbell was a small baby and she LOVED to sleep. That kid would be asleep all the time. We go in for U/S and they would say come on baby wake up and move. She never moved at night either....So I answered 20+ wks...but even then it was rare cause she was sleeping.

I feel flutters...I tried the doppler the other day and I did hear baby kick it and I did feel that(or bounce).
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I felt flutters from my DD at 14 weeks. Then I continued to feel flutters every couple of days until 16 weeks...and it slowly got more consistent after that and turned to kicks and punches.

I'm 10 weeks this time, and I'm really hoping the baby is still growing normally. If it is, that means I might start feeling flutters in the next month. I can't wait!
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I started feeling flutters almost 3 weeks ago at 9weeks.I felt it at 10 weeks last pregnancy.Before that I do not remember lol

But I have felt this little one kick already and the fluttering is becoming more pronounced.Not movement just strong flutters.I say about 2 more weeks and I will start to feel baby MOVE and kick alot more.

I felt a strong kick a few days ago on my left and when I had U/S on Monday little peanut was n my left close to my hipbone area so I knew what I had felt wasn't my imagination
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I felt my third baby move at 15 weeks. I think #1 and #2 were around 17-19 weeks. I personally don't consider anything before 14 weeks baby. I have felt fluttering and such but I've also felt that when I was absolutely not pregnant, so I just attribute it to gas or muscle twitches.
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You need to add some more options. I felt DD at 12 weeks.
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