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I didn't have any implantation spotting, but I knew I was pregnant five days before my cycle was due because I had what I call jello boobs. We waited to test until my cycle was a day late and I had an immediate, strong positive on the HPT. I guess that was probably the first sign it was twins. That, and me saying to my husband, "What if it's twins?" We didn't start to seriously consider it might be twins until my fundal height measured 24cm at my 16-week visit with the midwife. And it wasn't confirmed until an ultrasound at 19 weeks.

I guess the one really strange thing I had early in my pregnancy was that I woke up with sharp pains low on my left side at 5 weeks. I nearly passed out trying to get back to bed from the bathroom. We still don't know what that was, and there was no bleeding. I have no clue if it was related to there being two babies or not.
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I got pregnant with my twins while still nursing DS. He was around 8 months old.
Funny thing though, my Mother got pregnant with my twin brothers while she was still nursing me, I was around 8 months old as well.
Quite an amazing coincidence!
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Originally Posted by kolie View Post
Did you have any preminition it was going to be Twins?
I ovulated the day after we had DTD. We actually were not wanting to have any more children at the moment. My two cycles I had were 5 wks apart so I ovulated late, couldn't time anything because I didn't have anything to go by the month previous, etc...

I tested before the next 5wks was up just because I was prescribed a medication that I couldn't take if for some reason I was preggo. Well, it was positive, barely. A few days later I started to feel really sick already, which is very unusual. I don't usually have MS and if I do get a bit nauseas, it doesn't start until around 7 to 8 wks.

I have pain during ovulation and this particular time is was extremely bad...to the point I was in tears and couldn't even move without screaming out in pain and I couldn't walk without holding my side. I wondered if I could have ovulated more than one egg, especially since I didn't ovulate the month before and my cycle was so weird. I suspected twins from the start, once I found out I was in fact pregnant.
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i conceived twins while breastfeeding an almost 3 year old and a 21 month old.
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I also ovulated (for the first time-my daughter was 8mo) the day after we DTD. I then distinctly felt ovulation 4 days later. Benjer measured 4 days behind his sister until they got to around 30 weeks and he just outgrew her.

I knew I was pregnant with twins. I had twin dreams. I kept telling people to stop asking me if it was twins. I was INSISTENT there was NO WAY that we were having twins. Course, I distinctly remember pushing out a second baby 16 months ago.
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Was breastfeeding DD when I got pregnant with the twins. She was 9 mo old and the first sign that I was pregnant was soreness when nursing her.
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I got pregnant with my twins while still nursing dd1 (she was 28 months then). But, I also conceived dd1 while still nursing ds1 so it wasn't a "twin" thing. When I first tested positive I never once thought it would be twins. It was only after a few weeks when I had to start wearing maternity pants at 9 weeks and seemed even more nauseous than usual that the little voice started talking. I usually dismissed it but once we did the ultrasound at 14 weeks there was no denying anymore.
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I was nursing my 14 mo daughter when I conceived my twins. I had gotten my period back at 8 months with her. I did have several twin dreams and even mentioned twins at my first midwife appt. She blew me off.
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Well I guess I'll never know if it was twins or not

I started spotting yesterday and now passing Tissue matter, and sinse having 5 miscarriages prior I'm no stranger to these symptons. I look at this as a blessing in disguise because honestly it was too soon for me for I have a 4.5 month old. So I just want to thank everyone for sharing your experiences!
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So sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for you tonight.
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I got pregnant with twins while nursing twins!

And I got pregnant with the first set while nursing too.
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Me. My period had come back (I had one) and then found out I was pregnant before my next one. Crazy stuff!
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Originally Posted by purpleheather79 View Post
I got pregnant with twins while nursing twins!

And I got pregnant with the first set while nursing too.
girl ... you are making me want to start weaning the boys .....

How are you??
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I got mine two weeks after DS weaned. And no, I'm not thinking it was a coincidence.
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I conceived twins accidentally while breastfeeding. DD was 6 months old at the time.
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Shahjehan, my DD is also 14 months old and we are expecting twins - I'm ten weeks along now. How did it go PP juggling the three? Were you able to continue nursing your first after the twins arrived?

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I got pregnant while still nursing my 21 month old. My period came back 10 months PP

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I know this is an old thread but I also conceived twins while bfing my daughter who was 9 months at the time. I figured it was from that since there are no twins in my family and they are fraternal so I know it was 2 eggs not a random splitting of 1 egg. My cycle came back when she was 6 months and I started her on a few solids. Hoping it holds off longer this time!

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