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How do you do groceries etc with twins?

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My twin boys are now a month old and I want and NEED to get out of my house or I'll go insane! We tried a mini trip to Target and I found I had a slight problem: How the heck do I get two babies in the store? I didn't want to use my stroller 'cause I wouldn't have any room for my purchases....Ended up with one in the basket part and one carseat hooked to the top part.

Also, has anyone attempted an outing with twins and a toddler? : How did that go? I didn't have my dd (20 months) with me during the Target outing, but I'm trying to imagine it and it gives me heart palpations! She's a little runaway and I can't see getting three of 'em in a cart!

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well when the twins were babies I had several different methods - I either kept them in the stroller & used the basket and hood for the stuff I was going to buy - I'd get two of those handheld baskets at the door and balance them on the hood/handlebar of the stroller - or I put one in the car seat on the basket and one in the sling. you can also pull the cart and push the stroller.

when they were fifteen months old I had another baby :crazy so I'd put the twins on the bench (we have carts with a molded plastic bench for two sitting age babies) and the baby in the sling. by the time the baby could sit I was using the cart with the regular bench and putting the baby in the cart's seat (facing the twins)

now my supermarket has those carts with the car!! love those
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I use the double stroller. No way around it sometimes.

When they were younger I slinged one and carried the other in his/her bucket (carseat). OR I sling one and put one in the seat.

OR my friend TWOPEASINTHEPOD taught me just the other day to baby bjorn one and put the other in a backpack.

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Well, it's evolved as they've gotten older. When they were teeny, I'd put one in the sling and the other in their infant carseat attached to the grocery cart.

When they grew out of their infant carseat (around 6-7 mos.), they were also able to sit up. I got a NoJo padded grocery seat / safety protection thingy (!) and would put one in that and the other in side-carry in the sling.

Now that they're too old for the sling for long periods (well, my toddlers want to get down and walk most of the time), I put one in our Kelty backpack and the other in the grocery cart seat. I like the backpack because they CAN'T wiggle out of it, and they don't WANT to wiggle out of it because they're up high with a great view and it's different (we don't use it all the time like we did the sling).
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I did what a lot of the PP's did...put one in the carrier carseat in the front part of the cart and the other in the Bjorn. I still do this when I have them both even though the Bjorn is starting to kill my back with a 22 lbs. baby in it! My dd was 27-months-old when her sisters were born and when I would take them all to the store we would do one of two things; either she would walk (if it was a short trip and she was up for walking) or I'd put her in the basket of the cart (sitting down of course...one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a toddler standing in the basket of a grocery cart) and try to make it a small trip. I have a friend who has two singletons (one is 4 and the other is 3) and twin babies. When they were still in their carrier carseats she would put the youngest of her singletons in the seat of one cart, the other would walk and the twins she would put in another cart. She would then push one cart and pull the other. Quite a sight, I'm sure!

Both of my girls are now walking and are also soon to be too big for the Bjorn. I have no idea what I'll do at that point.
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When they were itty bitty, one would be in a sling, the other in the car seat attached to the cart and my 3 year old walked beside me. He has been trained to stay close and does very very well. Now they are 9 months and both sit in the seat part of the cart facing each other. I line the seat with a blanket so they can't slide out the leg holes and they sit there like angels. This does draw quite a bit of attention but multiples do anyway. I have put one in one cart and the other in another cart and pushed one and pulled the other. It works well if you have a lot to buy and once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad. Again, you will draw a lot of attention. In another month or so, I will have to use my double stroller as they will be too big for anything else.

You will find a way that works for you!
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I hear you about needing to get out of the house! I didn't go anywhere by myself really until Luke and Jaz were 6 weeks old, but then I made sure to have at least one "errand" to run every day. At the grocery store, I would just get enough food for two days each time I went. This made the trip shorter, and also ensured that I'd have an excuse to go back in a couple of days!

I double-slung my babies for the first few months using the new native slings. This worked best for me because Luke and Jaz would fall asleep that way. They were not the kind of babies who ever wanted to sit in their carseats (in the car or out). Also, slinging was great because I had both hands free. I did need some help emptying the cart, but there were always plenty of people offering to help. When Luke and Jaz outgrew the cradle position around 3 months, I switched to using a kelty backpack and a baby bjorn for a while. And then when they were five months old, they could sit on their own so they both went into the front seat of the cart. I'd put one of each of their legs through a leg hole, and cross their other leg over the first one. It was pretty cute. These days, one baby goes in the seat, and the other goes in my Ergo Baby Carrier or my Kozy Carrier. And if I'm in a rush, I do just put them both into the main body of the cart even though I know you're not supposed to. They know that they have to stay sitting down.

Those truck carts are so cool. They have them at Stop and Shop here, but not at Whole Foods.

Congrats on the arrival of your babies!! Everything will get much easier soon!

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we were very involved in a moms club when i had my twins so from the start (maybe a week old) we were out everyday. i used the carriers then and put one in the front and one in the back and reluctantly let my 3 yr old walk. now that they are 11 months i always have one in a back pack, one in the front seat and the 3 yr old in the back sitting of course!!

you just got to do it and muddle through it. i cant imagin spending more then two days held up in the house. i dont let having twins stop me from doing anything. every new stage and new outing is a chance to learn and possibly run home screaming but its worth it.
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like the other moms, i just did whatever i could. i would usually have one in a carrier or sling, and the other in the car seat on the cart. or i would use the double stroller, and shove as much stuff as i could into the little basket (they should make those things bigger...people who need a double stroller need a bigger basket on the thing, not smaller!). now my twins are 3, and i have a one year old. i either use the double plastic seats on some carts and sling the babe, or let one or both walk. sometimes, i put one in the seat of the cart, one in the back, and the baby (again) in the sling. its madness, but people usually let me go ahead of them in line when they see us! that rocks! it gets easier as they get older!
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easy- either dh or i do the grocery shopping at night after everyone is in bed :LOL or i stay home with babies and daddy takes the big boys with him to the store.

it's hard for all of us to get out of the house together, let alone just me and the kids. i did take the babies to a diapering party a few weeks ago- and i put one in the sling and hip carried the other. i had lots of nice folks help with bags, etc.
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i was never a sling mama
just couldn't get the hang of it
but all my kids practically live in a backpack
as soon as they can hold their heads steadily
the backpack goes everywhere
b/c even when i have the stroller
somebody is going to want to be "held"
and i have a 2 year old who can sometimes walk
but sometimes needs to ride in the stroller

i have been noticing that a lot of stores have
carts w/ two seats in the front
i've seen them at meijer's (they are one right behind the other)
at sam's club (side by side)
and i mean the seats w/ two legholes
not the plastic bucket type seats
i think i've seen some at kroger too

other than shopping
i'm so excited b/c i ordered a triple stroller
and it came this week!!!!
last summer (or before it got cold - spring, summer, fall)
we walked w/ the double stroller and the backpack
or i had a single and a double and made my older daughter push one
but now she has learned to ride her bike
and wants to do that, not push babies
and i can't wait to be out in the sunshine
i used to get up in the morning, pack some snacks and leave for HOURS

i'm scared of the playground now tho'
the babies will be walking probably within a few weeks
i'm nervous about letting them out of the stroller
and having them all scatter in all directions
how do you guys handle that?
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Originally posted by lexbeach
I'd put one of each of their legs through a leg hole, and cross their other leg over the first one. It was pretty cute.
I love this! Can't wait to try this when they're older.

I agree with what everyone else has said...you just have to decide to DO it and then you will figure it out. I was rather timid at first, and sometimes, if we have a really challenging outing, I shy away from going anywhere the next day because it sounds so darn tiring, but on a whole, we usually have a great time.

I have a really good friend with no children who totally supports how I parent and has been an angel. She spends Sunday with us when my husband works for the day and we go out with the twins and with my just-turned-two year old. I don't mind taking the twins out alone but I still have not ventured out with my two year old AND the twins. He is so very active...I've been more concerned with safety than anything. But when she's there or my husband is there, it works out fine. (He's at home with me during the day usually.)

For shopping, I put one in the sling and one in the car seat in the front of the cart, or I put one in a stroller (a simple, stick in your car seat kind). We were given a double car seat stroller as a gift but it was a monstrosity and we took it back and got a double jogger with adjustable seats and harnesses, etc. I love it, usually put Wolfie and a baby in it and then sling the other. The babies are a tad young and don't necessarily like it yet so I don't insist on using it...but it usually goes okay and let's us get out for a walk, which is nice.

I just figure we'll adapt as we need to. Thanks for all the tips.
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I am a push it pull it type of multiple momma....

the first six months of their life I took them everywhere, we moved in between two diff houses every four days which was no fun but I managed!
...I would push them and pull the groceries behind... or push the stroller and pull the cart....

When they were big enough I started to love shopping at SAMS club but not when they were infants cause those types of carts are super huge and when loaded to the max its hard to push and pull one....

Now I ask for help with two two year olds or shop while they stay home with daddy....
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Wow I just don't know how you all do it! I don't have twins just one 12 month boy and just reading your posts makes me tired! I'm glad that some stores are getting better about having carts that help. I know that some moms of more than one child(even if they aren't twins) just go grocery shopping at night when their husbands/SO are home to watch them. It gives them a nice trip out by themselves. If you are aching to get out of the house, you could maybe go shopping to a regular store where you wouldn't need a lot of space, then you could use your stroller.

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You'd be surprised I sometimes feel as much stress when I am only out with one...especially if they are having a bad day!

Thanks for the nice comments! I promise ya though if you were in our shoes you would adapt....plus when they are older they teach each other and play together...its great! A built in playmate!!!

I always say to my singleton parent friends that being a mom of twins is no harder than being a mom of all singletons, it just creates interesting challanges!
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:LOL I hear you! I swear my one makes me loopy sometimes! We had to have IVF to get pg with him and we could have had up to 3! So I would look in all the multiples threads on other sites to read up. We will probably be going an FET in the next few months so the chance is there again.

I think it is great how close a lot of twins are. I talk to another mom and the stories she tells me are just awesome. and you're right the built in playmate must be nice! And twice the love right?!

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Congrats on the IVF working!

We used it as well and got Johnny and Jordan!

I completely understand the what if you end up with 3, 4, 5, 6!

Best wishes with the FET.....

I know how it feels to have two making me loopy so I understand completely...and it is so true that there is twice the love, fun, laughter and tears!

The love they feel towards each other makes every hard day we have worth it! HANDS DOWN!!
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Thanks StaciLynn! We were hoping to try naturally(we got pg in Oct. but lost the baby) So we will give it another few months and then on to FET.

Congrats on your IVF working. Amazing technology huh? TG for it! Was it easier for you in the beginning or now that they are bigger and can do things a little more for themselves?

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I am sorry about your loss...I too lost a natural twin pregnancy after the kids were only 7 months.

It is a great procedure...Unbelievable really....I am very thankful for the science and all that is involved....

I found that it was easier and harder at times. I found infancy to be hard but I feel the behavior challanges of two two year olds wears me out more than all those sleepless nights and feeding every hour! BUT it is easier to have them feed themselves and tell me what they want and to be able to entertain themselves...I don't know...It is a hard question...I guess it depended on the day we were or are having LOL The absolute hardest time is when they are both sick...we are in the throes of a very hard month with being sick.
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Dh worked out of state during most of my girls' first year so I had to shop (used to get very irritated when people would tell me to just let dh do the shopping). I used two OTSBH and would sling one on each side. Very comfortable and hands free to push a full sized cart. I just couldn't bend over, but if you are slinging twins, you don't have to bend over, people will fall over themselves to bend over for you.
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