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Scabies...PLEASE HELP!

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So, our battle started about 7 months ago when ds had a rash. We took him in to the doc, and said it was eczema. To make a very long story short, 3 more visits (all to different docs) still eczema. Flash forward to now, my skin, my partners skin, and my mom and dad's skin are all broke out. My mother went (twice), doc said eczema. My Dad went this week (diff. doc)...took one look at it and said SCABIES. Awesome. So, we have had scabies this whole time, and if we had learned this sooner...no one else would have gotten it. Well, atleast not my parents and possibly my partner's parents.

My mom gave me a tube of the permetrin cream (5%, prescription). I have read very conflicting info on whether I should or should not nurse while using it, or after. What have you mama's done? Opinions? And what do you do when your nursling is crying out to nurse? I know I have to cover his hands, how on earth do I keep socks on his hands to make sure he doesn't lick this awful medicine off? What do I do about cleaning? I am so scared of getting reinfected with this. Please help. Anything anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. I am so distraught. I have no idea how he got it. I HATE that I have to put this awful, toxic med on. Yesterday I was sifting through the body products aisle to find good ones, and couldn't find any without crappy ingredients so I didn't get any, and tonight I'm applying this toxic substance to our bodies. Go figure. Yuck. I guess thats life, but seriously, any help, advice, stories, anything would help. Thank you.
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Searching through scabies threads today, as we were exposed today. Did you get rid of the scabies? What helped?


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My family is battling scabies this month too. All 6 of us were prescribed the permethrin cream, and I did laundry almost all day yesterday because someone told my husband we have to wash ALL our clothes, not just the clothes we've worn recently that haven't gone through the wash yet. There's a small mountain of clothes on the garage floor, and I filled up 8 new bins with clean clothes. We bathed before putting the permethrin on. We are blessed to be moving at the same time, so that we can leave most of our stuff in our old house and live in a couple of rooms in our new house (the rest of the house isn't ready yet) hoping that the scabies will die at our old house without us there to eat. Is anyone else battling this? If you've conquered this before, do you have any advice? I'm doing my best not to give up. So far only one of us has shown symptoms. We're hoping to not have to buy 6 lotion bottle prescription refills because it cost over $100 USD the first time.

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