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DH got a job!!

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Dh lost his job in April, and has spent the past few months furiously looking for one untill august when we both decided he would take a "break" untill after baby was born. 2 weeks after her birth he got on the PC printed out loads of CV's went to a jobs fair and signed on with agencies, within that week he had 2 job interviews, 4 calls about the same job from diferent agencies, he had to turn that down as it was too far away on public transport.

during all this applying for every job going he filled in an online application to work for Marks and Spencers (UK supermarket/department store aimed at the middleclass) working night shift in the warehouse.

he got an interview, and they told him he had the job during that interview. he starts training monday, and starts his first shift on wednesday.

its great. still need to keep fingers crossed as it's actually only a temp job till after christmas BUT if he works well and there is any jobs going in his or other departments after they may keep him on after.
even with that its still a job for over christmas, it gets us money for christmas, it get DH some experiance.

only thing is its working over night, so he will be out the house 7:30pm till 7:30am. so im going to be alone overnight, not sure how i feel about that.
but i wil manage, i always do.

just thought i would share the news.

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that is great news. That is a min of 3 months full time work. Not bad at all.

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I hope it turns into a regular (and day time) position, but HUZZAH and congrats!
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finding anything at al is quite a feat these days, a full time job s especially exciting! congrats!
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