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Do you say "Butt" in your house?

Poll Results: Butt? Appropriate?

  • 83% (418)
    of course!
  • 9% (50)
    no way!
  • 6% (33)
    other, because there always needs to be an 'other'..
501 Total Votes  
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Just wondering.. Do you say the word "butt" in your house or do you use another word?

We have no problem with it, though I have more than a few friends who obviously don't like the term.. I try to teach the girls to say bottom when we're around others, but they occasionally slip up We also use other words that may be viewed as 'less-than-appropriate'- though the kids never seem to blurt those out

For me, "butt" seems totally normal and fine..


(I meant 'no way' on the poll, btw!! )
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There were a couple of years where that was the most commonly said word in our house. Oh, the memories.

Anyway, yes.
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I usually use bum, but "butt" is ok with me. Much worse words to be using...
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Yep we do. We also use bum, booty, bottom or rear end.

Hmmm, makes it seem like my family talks about butts a lot!
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DS1 has taken to say Booty from the penguins of madagascar
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Uh yeah of course it's okay!
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Yes but I tend to use "tushy" with DD and that's what she uses.
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Butt is our "nice" word for it and I'm still having trouble getting DH to remember to use it.
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Yeah we say "butt"
ds is 2 and will often annouce at the playground "sit on my BUTT and slide down the slide on my BUTT"

I also say "booty" but usually in the context of it hangin' out as in "oh your booty's hangin' out of your pants!"
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Butt is by far the cleanest of the words we use to describe that area.
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I picked other because we say so many things...but(t), bottom, bum, booty, backside etc. I do admit I prefer bum but mostly because my 2 year old sounds hilariously cute when she says it. I don't like but(t) because of the harsh ending sound. It just sounds harder than it really is it seems. That said, I don't care. I don't think any of our body parts have one term...we're fond of lots of names.
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Butt is used for sure in our house. I think there are much more offensive words.
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my girls went through a 'booty' stage..

they would constantly dance (even with no music, whatsoever) and shake their butts around while shouting "booty bounce, booty bounce, everyone do a booty bounce"

I almost forgot about that!

(my youngest has been ECing for quite some time too, which is why 'butt' has been so popular lately.. as in "MOM!!!! Soren's butt has a squished grape on it" )
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We use it. I honestly didn't know some people considered it inappropriate until someone got upset that we said it around our oldest son when he was a baby.
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I voted "other" because we've always used a large variety of words to describe that area (funny enough, "bottom" was never one of them....sounds grandmotherly to me and nobody ever said that word when/where I grew up, so it's almost foreign sounding).

I see nothing wrong with butt, hiney, tushy, booty, or bum. We used them all when the kids were little, and now we all pretty much just say "ass" if we're in casual company.
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We do. The daycare we use, does not like that word. So both boys have been through a stage of only ever saying "bottom" and correcting me when I say butt. My 3 year old is in that stage now, my 7 year old learned fairly quickly that what is appropriate at home isn't always elsewhere.
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Butts (yes plural) or bummers. Not sure why I like to put an S on the end, but I do for some reason.
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OP, I fixed your poll for you.

As for butt, what the problem? It's short for "buttocks".
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Yes. And if it is inappropriate than I am a super bad mom because I recently taught ds "Guess what?" "Chicken Butt!!" (insert hysterical laughter on his part). So oops.
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yepper. my son will tell me now that he needs a butt change.

and yes, it is BY FAR the LEAST offensive word we use in our house! lol
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