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Do you say "Butt" in your house? - Page 7

Poll Results: Butt? Appropriate?

  • 83% (418)
    of course!
  • 9% (50)
    no way!
  • 6% (33)
    other, because there always needs to be an 'other'..
501 Total Votes  
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I personally don't, because I don't like slang and I think of "butt" as short for "buttocks" which isn't really what I mean to say anyway as in the same category as "buck" for dollar.

So I say bottom when I mean the whole region and penis/vulva/vagina/anus/buttocks/etc. as needed for specific parts.
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I am not offended by butt, yet we say bum.
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we say butt, *but* now I guess i need to consider that my kids could sound rude in other peoples' homes, hmmmmm
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Yep. Since day one of DS1's life... "butt change" "change his butt" "Change my butt mama!"
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Do you say "Butt" in your house?

Butt of course! (particularly appropriate smilie)
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I don't mind the word, and we've used it on occasion. But normally when talking to DS we call it "behind" or "bottom". I tend to call it a "tushy" when talking about the baby, because... well, I don't know. Tushy sounds cute and babyish I guess?
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my youngest saw me changing today and, very enthusiastically, announced "Butt!"

what a proud mama I am
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I am glad to see this because I was curious... Until we had the baby, DH and I used this word all the time, but now it is "bottom," at least when we remember... I definitely slip up! But my in-laws use this word ALL the time (they even say "let's go change your butt" instead of "change your diaper" to their toddler), so that is awkward when we're visiting.
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Butt, short for buttocks, the anatomically correct term.

We also use "bottom" for the vulva and anus, with regards to wiping. "Clean your bottom, please." Helps for public toilet discussions.

Bumtocks is adorable.
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Originally Posted by journeymom View Post
Do you say "Butt" in your house?

Butt of course! (particularly appropriate smilie)

(Is "butt" really on the same level as "clit"? I've never even heard anyone use the term "vag". I don't think of "clit" as a rude word, just a little vulgar.)
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
Huh, I seriously do not understand why anyone would have a problem with the word butt. I mean, that's what it IS...its like having an issue with the word arm and about as offensive.

Why do our "hidden" parts need cutsie-wootsie names in order to be proper? It reminds me of my neighbors growing up who were horrified when I called a penis a penis (and tattled on me to my mom who said, "well that's what it IS." They called it a hot dog >shudder<). If my top is my head than my "bottom" is my feet...

But then whaddo I know...crap is my favorite word.
Dh had a friend who taught her son to say 'turtle' instead of penis THAT'll be fun when his kindy class goes to the nature center. Yikes.

Anyway, butt is veeery popular here! Dd has in fact been reading aloud from "The Day My Butt Went Psycho" to anyone who will listen for days.
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I can't believe a butt thread got to 7 pages without this guy

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Originally Posted by stormborn View Post
I can't believe a butt thread got to 7 pages without this guy

you just made my night!
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Yes, we say butt. I don't like bottom or behind (is penis/vagina the 'front'?). We also say vagina, penis, testicles, nipple, breast, etc.

ETA: We also say "buck" because 22 m/o DS can't say butt.
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Originally Posted by mamazee View Post
I don't like "bottom" for butt because I've heard people use that for vulva (and I don't like it as a replacement for vulva either). The word is used for any part "down there" that people don't want to name specifically, which makes it non-specific, and therefore not very useful as a word to describe an area. Like, if you hurt, where do you hurt? I want my dd to be able to tell me specifically where she hurts, or itches, or whatever. I don't want to have to play guessing games.

This exactly. I actually do use bottom, but usually only as a means to describe our family's method of cooling off a tantrum ... "sit on your bottom and calm down." We use vulva and anus. I also think it is important in the awful event that my daughter is ever abused. Being able to accurately describe her body could be important in a trial situation.

Originally Posted by Mountaingirl79 View Post
Yeah, I was talking about the "faggot" word.

Funny, after reading this thread I realize that the word 'toot" gives me the heebies for some reason.
I couldn't figure out which F word either. I was thinking maybe "freak," but that seemed a little... benign.
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I voted no way, but that's too strong. I just don't like the word, but don't think it's a "bad word" or swearing or anything. It just sounds...off to me. Crass, I guess. In the same category as piss, almost. DS is only 2, though. I can't imagine trying very hard to stop a school-age kid from saying butt - it's just not that important.

I use bottom or bum to refer to the buttocks and penis etc for the genitals.
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We say butt.

DD (4) still thinks shake your booty means to shake her foot!
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We say butt.

I have not read this thread yet, but I am sure it's a hoot!
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Originally Posted by EdnaMarie View Post

(Is "butt" really on the same level as "clit"? I've never even heard anyone use the term "vag". I don't think of "clit" as a rude word, just a little vulgar.)

No, I don't think they're on the same level-- "clit" is practically a deal-breaker word for me-- my point (perhaps poorly made) was that just because "butt" is short for "buttocks" doesn't make it "anatomically correct" or polite-sounding. IMHO. When I hear "butt," my first thought is "chortling eight year-old boys," and my second thought is, "cut of beef." "Buttocks" seems very 80s workout video to me

There aren't many "anatomical terms" that can be used a pejorative for the whole person-- but some (d*ck [not exactly "anatomical, but still], *ss, and butt, and some other nasty ones) are. I know I heard "He's such a butt" innumerable times as a child. So hearing my 2.5 yo use the word would not be cute. (I mean, no one says, "He's such a bottom.")

ETA, we use anatomically correct terms for all genitalia, but for me calling the bottom the "buttocks" would be like calling her legs her "thighs and calves."

Again-- not a hill to die on.

ETA again: We don't say "boob" either.
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I cannot imagine when the term "clit" could ever come up in conversation, aside from a friend referring to a clit-ring. But as for "butt", since bottom refers to something else entirely, and butt is etymologically related to the anatomically correct term, I still think that it's the term of preference.

The children I know don't laugh when they use the word "butt". Perhaps because it's just a normal word for us. Interesting how there are these little sub-cultures within the national culture that really are speaking different dialects.
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