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Ark animals

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What would be some good ones and where can I find them? I don't know how to make them and its not an option to learn right now.

I found a seriously awesome ark and animal set at D.I. the other day for super cheap! The set has only 6 animals (one of which I can't figure out ) and I so want more.


So with what you see there help me out. The door closes up but there is adequate room inside. The hole on top is decently sized as well. I'd like the extra ones I buy to be similar in size just for ease of fit. I do plan on painting those ones but I'm considering a simple stain as well (I will stain the ark). If the ones I buy are unpainted/stained that would be great just because I could do the same color on all of them but I don't really care. Extra points to the person who can identify animal 2 on the bottom. (Gorilla maybe?)

And if anyone here makes animals I'd love to trade (I knit )!
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Moose, camel, giraffe
alligator, lion?, hippo

Try etsy or Hyena Cart for wood animals
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The ark is super cool...but I'm curious..shouldn't there be TWO of every animal? I'm guessing its not really important but I just wondered
You could try michaels. That would be my first bet. They have a pretty big wood toy section at ours.

You could knit the animals


Simply knitting put out a book of noah's ark, to knit the ark/noah/wife/animals...if you take a look on the website it maybe available
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There should be 2, you're right. I'm not sure why there isn't. I'm ok with that. I don't plan on telling my kiddos the story for awhile so it's not currently a big thing.

I know I should knit them. I've had 3 or 4 people tell me that today. I'm just OCD about things being the same and don't want to "ruin" (I know, I know) the thing as a whole by throwing in a random set of knit animals. It's lame I know.
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Here is a new book for knit "wild" animals. And this is a great one for farm animals.

Look here under "odds and ends."

I used to have a link to a woman, Ann???, that made beautiful wooden animals but just can't find it now.

I think knitted animals and wooden ark would go great together. Go for it!
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I think knit animals would be cool too. If you're set on wooden animals, I'd check Etsy. Lots of wooden toy makers on there. Obviously, Holztiger and others also make awesome wooden animals but they are pricey. You could also do one of those alchemy things on Etsy and see what people might respond with.

And I think the bottom ones are gorilla and hippo.
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