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Had to update...I am about 2 days from my cycle and am feeling better everyday! Normally at this point I would be b#@chy beyond belief. I have lost a bit of weight in my middle already! I am so hopeful that I won't have a migraine tomorrow and really hoping my period isn't as heavy as it's been. The magnesium I am taking is a powder form that I mix with hot water.

I eat a roughly 90% organic diet and any meat is hormone/steroid free. I am very careful about what we eat. I cannot tell you all how much better I feel and everyday it's a little better. I had been feeling not myself for a long time. My energy is coming back and I feel more 'clear' in my head. I am soooo ! I my dr! Never thought I'd say that!

Hope this will help anyone else going through the same thing. I just can't believe the difference in how I feel. Wow.

How did your GP test you to find out what problems you were having? How did your GP test for adrenal issues?