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Well your nephew is still really lucky to have you. Let's just hope a) your sis is taking better care of him than anyone would imagine (hey, we can hope!), and b) that whatever is going on right now, hopefully soon your sis will at least resume her son's contact with your mom and you.

Take care!
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Thank you.
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Big Hugs!

We have adopted 1 dd from a family member who lost her into foster care due to her meth addiction, we now have sole custody of 2 more kiddos from that bio moms sister. Both bio moms are distant cousins of mine, and sadly we were the only ones willing to take these kids in. It is heartbreaking how meth tears families apart, and the users dont seem to notice or care. They both blame me for "stealing" their kids.
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All drug addictions are awful, but meth is really something extra awful. And I thought crack was the worst on families... meth seems even worse.

Through my work I've heard of meth addict parents being confronted by child welfare that they have to stop using or they'll lose their kids, and the parents responding with "Ok, take the kids."

It's an extremely screwed up drug, and I saw an excellent presentation on why it's so extremely addictive (what the physical effects are on the brain) and I swear I wish everyone who ever was about to use a drug for the 1st time could be made to sit through a 1 hr presentation on what they are about to get into! That's how it works in my fantasy world, anyway....

Good luck to all of you dealing with addicted family members, and thank heavens for those of you willing to take a really active role in the children of these families.

p.s. MommyKelly I just saw in your sig that you're "Momma to NINE"!!!!!!!!! You get extra extra "thank heavens" for that one!
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My sister is too. I'm raising her 3 year old daughter. I'm single myself so I basically volunteered to be a single parent. It's a struggle but I am comforted by the fact that my niece is safe with me. However, I'm so tired of the lies and excuses by her and by me to shield my niece from heartbreak from broken promises. I'm overwhelmed most of the time and I don't know anyone in a similar situation. Reading your post made me feel like finally somebody else gets exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.
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