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1 year old has cough and runny nose

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Hello mamas. We are on vacation at the beach with our 1 year old. This is his first time at the beach, and he has gotten so sick! I am wondering if anyone else has had this 'beach sickness' experience and if anyone has any good tips for me on how I can get my baby better. Here are his symptoms:

runny nose
cough (barking in the morning when he first wakes up then lots of congestion throughout the day)
no fever
a tad bit of loss of appetite
still playing like normal but a bit cranky

Here is what we are doing:

liquid C throughout the day
herbal wellness immune support by source naturals (3 times a day)
cod liver oil (half teaspoon once a day)
probiotics (1 teaspoon per day)
colloidal silver spray on tongue once a day
steamy showers (breathing in the misty humid air)

we have only been taking these measures for 24 hours, I don't see much of a change. What else can I do? My husband just got sick and so did his uncle who is here with us on vacation, which leads me to believe this is not an allergy. Mold in the AC units have crossed my mind since we know nothing about this rental house we are staying in, I have sprayed all the vents down with lysol.

Thanks! Any help would be much appreciated.
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It sounds like a cold, a virus, just lots of fluids and rest and probably they'll all feel better in a few days.
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Yep, sounds like a cold. You're doing everything right--plenty of fluids as well, and I find vicks vaporub helps a lot at night.
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Yep -- lots of fluids, stay away from sugar/junk foods, and encourage lots of resting--sleeping if possible, but any kind of energy conservation (so his body can use it toward healing) is helpful. Breastmilk is always great if you're doing that.

And I like to use wet cloths or wet paper towels on runny noses, instead of even the lotiony tissues. Really prevents a raw nose much better in my experience.

You sound like you're totally on top of things. As long as he's still playing (even if a little cranky), you guys are probably in good shape, and he'll be good as new in no time!
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Thanks for the replies. We have 9 people in our group and another one just fell ill. I am hoping and praying it is a cold and not some kind of toxicity coming out of the vents. We are all going down like bowling balls, I am just waiting my turn. LOL
Anyway, I called ds's ped and one thing that was recommended was a cool air humidifier, which had me stumped because I always heard that breathing in air from a steamy shower was the best thing for congestion. So, is it warm or cool air that is better?
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OH YEAH and hand washing for you and anyone not sick. LOTS AND LOTS OF HAND WASHING, SOAP AND WARM WATER.

As far as the humidifier, I have heard things pro and con for warm and cold...

for example:

warm is better because it heats the water and kills any bacteria that might be in it

cold is better because warm can burn if a child touches the unit

hmmmmmmm that's all I can think of right now. Personally I use a vapourizer, sometimes a little essential oil in the vapour cup.
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Originally Posted by AprilM View Post
. So, is it warm or cool air that is better?
Well, Dr. Sears says warm air humidifier on is site so that's what we have! I have heard pros/cons on both sides but his words are pretty much golden to me.
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I've always heard warm humidifiers for colds...that's what we use.
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