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Any other student midwives here?

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Just wondering. I'm just beginning my midwifery training way out here in Texas. I'm going direct entry to CPM through the Association of Texas Midwives course.

I'd love to hear from any other midwives to be!

PM me if you want to keep it private,

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Sheena you might try posting to the Midwives and Doulas board. Perhaps there are a few students or recent grads there.
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Duh! I didn't even knw there was one!:

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I'll move your thread over there for you!
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Hi Sheena!! Nice to meet you! I am an ATM student as well!!

In fact, I just got back from the ATM conference in Houston! I can still hardly believe that I got to hear Ina May Gaskin speak on breech birth, and on the overuse of inductions... She is such a knowledgable woman, with so much experience...

I could go on and on about the conference... but I'll spare you the details just in case you were there too...

Congratulations on your studies!

Please feel welcome to visit the aspiring midwives study group I've got up and running, and meet some of the other student midwives out there...


I look forward to getting to know you!

The Lord bless you!
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I'm a student midwife as well, up here in the Pacific Northwest! I have just finished attending a 3 year MEAC accredited school and am almost halfway through my apprenticeship! I was zooming along until I had my DD 2 years ago! Good luck to you!
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I'm having a hard time subscribing to the group. Is there something special I need to do?
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Hi! Sometimes you have to update your Yahoo! account info, and make sure you have a Yahoo Messenger ID... That usually resolves the most common problems... Just go to Yahoo Accounts and update- or sign up if you aren't in the system...

If that doesn't get it, email me at hawleyclan@yahoo.com ...

The Lord bless you,
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Hi everyone -
I'm an aspiring midwife in Eugene, Oregon...been studying for almost 2 years and actively attending births for the last 8 months. I'm not in an accredited program but I plan on moving overseas in the near future, so my focus is 100% on simply gaining knowledge. Although if I had it all to do again, maybe I would have made the effort to go the accredited school route...who knows.
Anyway, good luck to everyone else! Stay strong and true. I'd love to chat more with others on the path - my email is dsb@efn.org.
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What is the best way to find a school (accredited or otherwise) in my area? I'm in Cental Virginia. I've found ALACE for doula training, but I'm trying to look into midwife training.
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HEY!!! i am planning to start Midwife school in about 2 years! I have to finnish up with my BS in Nursing. A pain in the butt! I am planning on going to a school in Ore. (OHSU)

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I am here in Houston, TX finishing up my BSN to start the midwifery program at Baylor. I am also trying to get DONA certified as a labor and delivery doula. Good luck to everyone.
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I was just about to send in my application to the ATM program last December when my husband got accepted to a research project here in Germany, so my midwifery studies are on hold for a while.

Last year I was apprenticing under a midwife in Austin. I went to a bunch of prenatals and 8 births. I wanted to do more but I have two young kids so I had to work around that.

For now I just read all my midwifery books and talk to whomever will listen about pregnancy and birth. I really miss going to the prenatal exams and talking to the pregnant women, palpating their beautiful bellies...

We are going to be in Germany for at least three years, and after that, who knows - so I don't know when I will ever get to resume my studies...

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