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Slings and Carriers

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Hi! I have a Maya Wrap that I've been using since my son was born. He is now 24 lbs. and 11 months old and my back can't handle the Maya Wrap anymore. It digs into my shoulders and strains my back. I don't want to stop wearing him so I need to find a good one. I went to www.kangarookorner.com and they have a bunch but I don't know which one would be best. The OTSBH has padding so that may be better. They also have a fleece pouch that looks good. I don't have a lot of money so I can't get the Didymos although I'd love to. Thanks for any advice!
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I have a SlingEzee from Parenting Concepts. It has padding and is much like the OTSBH. I used it with my son until he was over 30 lbs. and I use it just about daily with 14 month-old dd who's a bit over 20 lbs. It's very comfy (even on long, long walks and doesn't dig into my shoulder at all.
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I think a pouch is the best way to go with a toddler. I have a Maya pouch which is nice and cool for the summer and I just got a Kangaroo Korner adjustable fleece pouch for the winter.

Having said that, the padded ones are good, too - I have a Heart-to-Heart and still use it daily. It's basically the same as a Maya Wrap but with padding. Really, I'm all about having a sling wardrobe

I think I remember seeing that you are in the Ottawa area so my big advice for you is to buy Canadian!! It gets soooo expensive when you order from the States. My fleece pouch (32$US) ended up costing me 80$Cdn with the exchange, shipping and duties. A good pouch - but not worth it.

For Maya pouches, check out the Forever Family web site www.forever-family.com They are a Kingston store that does sell over the web.

For padded slings, go to www.heart2heart.on.ca Again, a Canadian company, excellent slings - very similar to the OTSBH.

Or, if memory serves and you are near Ottawa, check out Boomerang Kids on Bank St for gently used ones, my best friend just picked up a OTSBH for 20$.
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sling advice

I've been preparing to train parents and parents-to-be in sling wearing and have samples of all the major brands on the market, including a custom-made one by EnWrapture which is what I use (I have a 15.5 month old.) I can put you in touch with Sachi (EnWrapture) who makes the custom-made one, but that will be more expensive. Email me.

The pouches do not bring baby's chest close to your body without you holding him against you. I don't think that will be better than what you have now. OTSBH is comfy because of all the padding (feels like a pillow around you), and better for a toddler than a newborn because the newborn can get lost in all that padding, but the open-tail of the Maya Wrap is really great for adjusting the sides independently (and making it fit your form, which is least work for your back--baby closest to your center of gravity.) But padding for the shoulder is nice with a toddler. Sachi and her partner were actually the designers of the sling that was taken on by both NoJo and OTSBH, but all have evolved independently. Sachi now makes an open tail (like Maya Wrap) with padding that tapers off so it can fit through the rings for tightening close to the body, and also shoulder padding. Basically like OTSBH but not as much padding and an open tail. OTSBH has some independent adjustment of the sides, but it is limited. NoJo has none.

If you have other questions contact me. I hope this helps.

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i love these

i've used sooo many slings and for my one and a half year old this has been my FFFFFAvorite!!!! It has a unique buttoning system that gathers in any excess "pouch".
And really nice fabrics, too.
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Thanks for your advice! I decided to go with the heart to heart sling, I ordered a goldenrod tie-dyed sling. I really look forward to getting it, just in time for my son's first birthday!
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I'm glad you found one that will hopefully work for you! :-)

I just wanted to put in a plug for OTSBH. It really helps to have the right size. I finally ordered a small after struggling with a medium (which was still better than NoJo) and it made a huge difference! I just walked 3 miles to the store and back with my 20 pound baby and my shoulder is not even achy one bit, or my back. Most of her weight was on my hip. Dh pushed the stroller behind us in case I got tired but I never did!

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When my son got too big for his sling I discovered the Cuddle Carrier which is basically a fanny pack on a shoulder strap. I love it!!!! He's now 3 1/2 and weighs around 35 lbs and I can still carry him for short distances (like into the grocery store or in the mall) without doing myself in. It also replaced my purse since all the basics fit in the fanny pack. I've had so many people stop my and ask about it and just be amazed it works! My son loves it and will ask to be "cuddle carried".

Just another option.
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Hi can you give me a link to the cuddle carrier? Thanks!
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I had the same experience with the OTSBH. I am 5'3" and 110lbs so I technically fall into the regular/medium catagory, but it made my back hurt. Luckily there is a girl in my BFing support group who sells them for LLL. She brings them for parents to try, so I tried the small and presto, it was soooo much better. I even carried my three year old (35lbs) off the plane, through the airport, to the baggage claim, collected our baggage and to the street in the sling. Mind you I was pushing a stroller full of baggage and carseats at the time. My six month old (at the time) had to ride in the umbrella stroller, I'm not that talented . While we were in Las Vegas I carried the baby in the sling for roughly six to eight hours a day with very little discomfort. I was the only person we saw with a sling, and you would think that no one had ever seen one before judging from the looks that I got.

A question for those of you that use the Maya Pouch and the like -- how low do they ride if you are short? I am only 5'3" but I have long legs and am very short waisted (my hips and ribs are only a half an inch apart) and I'm afraid that the wrap would hang to my thighs.
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I am the same size as you--both height and weight, AND I'm short waisted too. I've tried the New Native pouches, all sizes...and even the xs hangs too low for my liking, (when turned to the back it hits my sacrum) but this is still unwashed and I will try washing and drying to see if that feels like a better fit. I really like my EnWrapture sling, custom made with my pick of fabric. If anyone would like this contact email me.

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For anyone interested, the link for the CuddleKarrier is:


As I said, it works great for us!
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I almost got the New Native Baby carrier before I decided to go with the petite OTSBH, and now I'm glad I didn't.
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Toddler Sling ?

Hi Everyone.
Just a quick question. I desperatley need a sling for Austin. He's 27 months and 30 lbs. He's been going thru this clingy thing , especially while I'm fixing dinner. He just constantly whants me to hold him. I want to but I only have 2 arms!!!
I "slung" him the whole first year and a half, but then he outgrew it, but I LOVED it!!! Can anyone please let me know where to get one?
Also, I don't think the backpack thing will work, cuz I'm alone with him alot of the time, and it might be to difficult to get in and out.
Thanks for your help
Austin's mommy (11-23-99)
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Sorry, I don't know of a "toddler" sling.
However, I use the OTSBH still with my 30 lb.-15 mo DS!
I must say it is *challenging* for my body to do this, and I'm trying not to carry him as much, so I would also LOVE to hear about a toddler sling that somehow made it easier to hold a solid baby!
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What about the baby trekker.
Read about it at www.babytrekker.com

It is supposed to work for toddlers up to 40 pounds. I bought one for my dd just resently for hiking and going out and stuff. It is really comfortable for me and for her. The sling just got too un comfortable for me. And it is really easy to put on and take off on my own even on my back.
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Mine ds is 2 1/2 and I still use my maya wrap he doesn't fit in a sling with padding very well, but we still use the wrap. I especially like to use it on my back- I never could with the nojo or over the shoulder.
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My son is a very long, 22 lb boy. I love my Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch!! ( www.kangarookorner.com)
It is so easy to put on and take off, my shoulders/neck/back never get sore!!!
I also would like to get a Hip Hammock or similar style carrier (such as a Hip Baby, Saras Ride, etc). I hear they are great for older/heavier kids.
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My baby is the same age/weight, and I have periodically wondered if a "hip carrier" would be a great product for me (kid sits much like she does in a sling, but a waist belt ensures your hips take at least half the weight). If you're interested, here's one brand: http://www.hiphammock.com/.

But if you already have a backpack, give it another shot. I set mine up on the floor, but the kiddo in it, and then sit down in front of it to slide the shoulder belts on.

My toddler won't always consent to a ride in the backpack -- he has to be in the mood -- but when he does, he gets a good view of the cooking activity yet cannot reach the hot stuff, knives, etc.
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hip hammock kicks butt!

i second the notion on the Hip Hammock (buy it at http://www.hiphammock.com/ or http://www.mamamoon.com/).

i've been using it since my daughter was 8 months (when she grew out of the New Native Baby Carrier, also avail. at mamamoon.com), and now she's 18 months. there's no kidding anyone that she's definitely heavy (23 lbs) but the hip hammock distributes the weight, and it's great to have her close to me... she can see everything i'm doing and i can kiss her all i want!

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