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I swear by the maya wrap...if that's the sling you have try it on your back. My ds is a peanut but my 30 pound niece does well on my back(and it's not so bad for me!)
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I just want to say, I also tried out the Hip Hugger hip carrier and quickly sent it back!! It cost $75! and really is just a glorified sling... but I'd prefer most slings over it any day! It has this little metal bar for adjusting the strap that dug deep into my shoulder... and it really didn't seem very secure for a wiggly toddler... but, I really do like the
Hip Hammock!
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How do you get them on your back in the sling? Does that take some of the weight off of the one shoulder? I'm thinking of tying my own carrier, a friend gave me a nice blanket from Guatemala for that, I've never had the guts to try tying my own.
Going to check out mothersnature.com
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okay gals.. since my last post on this hip carrier topic I have tried out the Hip Baby by Walking Rock Farms. It is the best! More comfy than the Hip Hammock. I do like the Hip Hammock, but like the Hip Baby waayy better. Here's the link:
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I'm another Maya Wrap fan!
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Goodness this is tough! I'm going to go to our local AP play goup and see if anyone has some of these that I can try out.

Bebe Luna and Snailmama (and other hip carrier owners)-

Do you think that the hip belt on the hip hammock and the hip baby help distribute the weight better? Do they work well with tall/long babies as well as heavy ones?

Maya Wrap fans-

Do you think that these distribute weight for big/heavy/tall babies and toddlers better than
other ring slings like the OTSH and Sling-Ezee etc???

Thanks everyone. This is great! Looking forward to more sling'in.
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I think the waist belt helps distribute weight...
I have a long, 26 lb 15 mo- I love using a hip carrier w/ him...
I love slings also, but he can wiggle out of them pretty well, and doesn't seem to do this in the hip carrier. Actually he rests his head on my shoulder- it's so sweet!
I find that w/ slings and the pouch style slings (maya and kangaroo korner) that w/ an older/heavier child they pull on my shoulder in an uncomfortable way... I don't get that w/ the hip carriers.
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I think that the Maya Wraps distribute weight well, but I've never tried other slings so I can't say how it compares. I like the versatility of the Maya Wrap for big babies/toddlers. Depending on your child's copperation, you can carry him/her on your hip OR on your back. And if my toddler daughter falls asleep on my hip, I can pull the fabric up to secure her head and we're both comfortable.
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