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In addition to the oncologist (and I agree with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions!), please also consider seeing a visionary craniosacral therapist and/or a reiki energy healer.

Hugs, peace, love and healing vibes to you.
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Many in my family have struggled with various forms of cancer. My thoughts are with you in support of your healing.
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More info for you:

My mom had non-h lymphoma that went completely away after 4 mos on LDN.
Also - her MD wouldn't prescribe it - she had to order it off-shore. He prescribes it now!!!
My best to you,
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Thinking of you.
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Very big to you. I am so sorry you are going through this. I pray for wisdom from the doctors and a clear treatment path that defies the odds.

I'm 48 also and have always been healthy. It seems it's been a bad year hearing about people I know being diagnosed w/cancer and I'm feeling my mortality. I have a gyne appt in a few wks and I'm fearful of a breast cancer diagnosis in my future...

Take care of yourself and know there are mammas out here praying for you.
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Just wanted to post a link to clinical trials. You may have already found this yourself but in case you haven't http://www.cancer.gov/search/Results...6862132&vers=2

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I know this may seem trivial in the big picture, but cancer cells fed off of sugar. I just thought I'd throw this out there.

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Sending only the most healing positive thoughts.
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Sending every good wish for healing and comfort. Find a doctor who believes in fighting. I'm so sorry you're facing this. All our strength is with you.
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positive vibes your way!!

i know a woman who totally beat cancer on the raw food diet. her tumors disappeared and she was given a doomsday prognosis as well. her doctor, at her last visit, said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it!!"

check out the Hippocrates institute. i think it's in Florida.

you will beat this.
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Originally Posted by Mom2M View Post
Just wanted to post a link to clinical trials. You may have already found this yourself but in case you haven't http://www.cancer.gov/search/Results...6862132&vers=2


We have a dear family friend that beat intestinal cancer. She credits it with getting into the clinical trails for experimental drugs/therapies.

Be strong!
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I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. Cancer sucks, I have been fighting lymphoma myself for 6 years.

My recommendation would be to go to one of the major cancer centers and seek out a specialist in your type of cancer.
Here is a list of the top ranking cancer centers in the U.S. http://health.usnews.com/health/best...ital-rankings/ I just noticed you are in Australia, I'm not familiar with the health care system there. I would still go and seek a second opinion at a major cancer center there, or here in the US, if you can manage it.
At the cancer center I go to, there are patients from all over the globe.

A larger, teaching institution also gives you greater access to clinical trials and newer treatments. I hope you can find a doctor who is more positive and aggressive.

I wish you the best.
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Thinking about you
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I hope your specialists are great and your outcome even better!
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I don't know much, but I do know that cancer has hit my immediate family in various forms. I lost my mom, and I fear this happening to me as a mother as well...so I am so sorry you are going through this. It must be scary.

The only thing I know is that there is Cancer Treatment Centers all over the US, and I remember specifically hearing from my naturopath that the one in Philadelphia (conveniently 30 minutes from me) is wonderful with including natural treatments with modern med, clinical trials, and psychological therapies being made important as well, which many doctors forget about. My NP said she is called in for consulting sometimes as well as other specialists such as acupuncturists, reiki, homeopaths, etc., to accompany other med. treatments...

I agree with another poster. You will beat this. I cannot wait to hear what other doctors tell you. Look into the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
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My MIL's brother was dx with cancer a few years back. Dr's were wanting to do surgery, chemo, and radiation. No one in our family who has had cancer has been cured by any of these except MIL who had a breast removed. Her brother's cancer was colon/rectal. He left the dr. office and never went back. He made "extreme" diet changes and added some supplements. He says that he tries to maintain an alkaline environment because the cancer doesn't like alkaline. He is now vegan. He is feeling better than ever and has already lived longer than the drs expected. He hasn't gone back to see if it is gone because to him, the harsh treatments weren't an option. He didn't want to have that and then die anyways. I know that most people wouldn't make that choice, and maybe it isn't one for you, BUT if you can't find an optimistic doctor, you might want to look into this. It seems to be working for him. And, at the very least, he is ENJOYING these years and living them to the fullest.

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My youngest son sees a naturopathic doctor who has cured many cancers from breast to brain cancers with no drugs, chemo or radiation. PM me for her info. if you would like.

I also suggest looking into the lymph star pro. The comapny who makes them are very nice and will help with questions. This machine will greatly help you.

Lots of love and hugs your way. Trust your body, it has amazing healing abilities.
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If I were in your position, I'd be taking theories like this much more seriously probably...maybe it could help you in your healing?

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This link arrived via email today:

Suzanne Somers speaks out against the conventional cancer industry: mammograms, chemotherapy vs. alternative cures

As the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Knockout: Interviews with doctors who are curing cancer," Suzanne Somers is making waves across the cancer industry. Her powerful, inspired message of informed hope is reaching millions of readers who are learning about the many safe, effective options for treating cancer that exist outside the realm of the conventional cancer industry (chemotherapy, surgery and radiation).
To the OP, how are you doing?
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There are some things for which natural remedies are helpful. But some serious conditions, like cancer, need the sledgehammer of western medicine. I think ignoring this fact is nothing short of dangerous.

: to the OP. I'm so sorry. You'll be in my thoughts.
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