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For the kids' stockings, I have socks, bangle bracelets for DD, a couple of small wooden cars for DS, stickers, markers, and 2 small chocolate Santas. I'll probably toss in some chap-stick and maybe fingernail polish for DD. Oh, yeah, I also have small spiral notebooks & bouncing balls for each of them.

For DH, I do Jujyfruits, a small bag of hard candy, then some things like travel-size cologne (he takes it to work), maybe new razor blades, any small hardware or computer items he wants (bungee cords, cord wraps, etc.).

We also do pet stockings (maybe we're weird...). They each get some small toy and a can of "gourmet" wet food.
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Every year they get a new box of crayons, markers or colored pencils, some fruit and a small toy animal or sticker book.

Now that they're older they don't get stickers anymore.
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Originally Posted by tinybutterfly View Post
It has gotten harder as the boys have gotten older AND we have a ton of adults ( dh, my mom, my brother, both my ILs and this year a great aunt and uncle...)
I know what you mean. My two youngest stepkids are now 12 and 16 although the 12 year old is still more on the "little girl" side than the "growing into a teen" side so its still easy to get her the cute little girly things. However, I have a 4 year old grandson and a grandbaby girl so there's lots of years yet for easy stocking surprises.

Originally Posted by BrandiRhoades View Post
We also do pet stockings (maybe we're weird...). They each get some small toy and a can of "gourmet" wet food.
Not weird. I do that some years for my cat.
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For my daughter:
-Some cardboard books

-two plastic dinosaurs

(all found in the $1 section in front of Target)


For hubby:


-some fishing supplies found on clearance at Fleet & Farm

-Peach Rings

-an orange

-small bottle of scotch (the most expensive thing, being around $15 but it's the only bottle he gets a year)

-a date planner from Dollar Tree outlined with various birthdays and special days of the year


As my daughter gets older I'll add a few things more appropriate for her age. This year and next year, I'm doing more for me cos it's fun playing Santa in our household. :) It was fun reading everyone's ideas! Definitely gonna keep a few in the back of my mind. 

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this thread has given me some great ideas. ds would love chapstick. i'm stocked practically for life with burts bees i got clearanced at walmart a few years ago, but he doesnt like it. i dont know why i never thought of that myself smile.gif
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I pick up bits and pieces from nearly new sales and so on throughout the year. Most of those little bits get put in stockings so ours are very variable.


There is always an orange and some chocolate and often a toothbrush and some fun socks.


When they were a bit younger I usually did a batch of glittery play dough which they loved.


This year they have


chocolate coins

nail varnish


small pack of plastercine

slipper socks

rainbow fairy christmas special book

colouring book

a couple of pieces of brio track

plastic coins (we already have a cash register)







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For the last few years, I have put one of the little webkinz pets.  Run between 4 and 7 dollars from Amazon and they get to play on the computer with them.  This year, they are getting,

gift card for one ice cream cone at their fav ice cream place,

burts bees lip balm, 

a freebie from my department that is a little box of post it flags for reading,


Christmas ornament

chocalate orange from Trader Joes

probably a bag os cheddar bunnies or something

small webkinz

Little package of tissues with a Christmas theme (.99 in the grocery store!)

small chocalate Santa or maybe the Reese's christmas version

Used to always put in the little Plabmobil, but I think they have outgrown it.  one year they got a playmobil Santa and snowman set  very cute!

Sometimes a crystal or a fossil or something like that.

I usually buy too much and then have to jam it all in!  I really like to fill the stockings....Probaly 15 to 20 per stocking.


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I've been collecting the hello kitty toys from mc donalds for my daughter. She loves hello kitty, but no way were we going to eat there enough to collect more than one toy.  I've stopped in, and bought the toys individually for $2 each. I think she will be thrilled.


I was thinking of doing this over the course of the coming year for the toys dd likes from mc donalds.

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This year I totally scored with my oldest's stocking. Our local Goodwill gets a lot of Target clearance donated, so I got her brand new items for 39c each! That really tickles my frugal side, I have to say lol.gif My youngest is way too young to know anything, so we are skipping the stocking for him this year.


I got:


a wooden yo-yo with an ice cream cone painted on it

a little plant pot with seeds and soil included to grow a little fern

a felt cupcake ornament for the tree that I'll hang outside her stocking

a cupcake sticky-notepad

a brand new in package lip smacker chap stick

an i-spy squeeze ball -- it's super cute, you squeeze it and it has things hidden within the ball, pink and sparkly too, right up her alley and will be great for her sensory-seeking tendencies

a pair of funky cute socks

a pack of foam stickers with bears and other cute animals


Those are all things that will get used/played with, so I'm happy.


I'll also add a couple of things I'm not going to wrap like new undies with fun prints (needed anyway) and a new fancy shmancy character toothbrush (not typically bought here). She needs a couple of new craft items to replenish her supplies so I'll probably put those in her stocking as well.  I'll round it off with a couple chocolates and maybe a couple of food items we don't buy regularly such as organic granola bars and the like.




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A couple of years ago when I was hanging up stockings I asked my DD (who was almost 3) what went in them?  The told me toothbrush and under ware.  SO that is our tradition I guess.  Pack of new undies, a toothbrush, a coloring book from the dollar store, crayons from back to school sale, stickers, bandaids and usually a pack of candy.  If you are too little for undies you get an undershirt or pjs or something.  I think I am just going to plan on doing my own.  One year DH has filled one for me.  One year out of seven.  


I don't know why everyone is putting an orange in them???


Oh- we also do stockings at my moms.  She hangs them all and we all contribute something to everyone.  It is so much fun to see what you get.  My not yet brother in law put in nasty undies for all of us....  those were regifted all year long :)  They get really full!

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Originally Posted by iowaorganic View Post


I don't know why everyone is putting an orange in them???



It's a legend that St. Nicholas threw gold coins down a chimney to pay the dowries of three sisters who couldn't afford them. The legend is, their stockings were drying by the fireplace and the gold fell in them as he threw them in. The ball of gold is repesented by an orange. Incidentally, this is also why gold coins are popular at Christmas too :)


Also, fresh citrus fruit used to be very hard to come by in winter months in places other than Florida or California, so it was considered a pretty rare and special treat.


More practically, it fills the toe pretty well since it's an odd shape lol


Hope that helps!



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Motley assortment of stuff.  These are some of the things I have bought over the years:



An orange


Christmas ornament




matchbox car

cute pencils/erasers

lip balm

warm hat


crossword puzzle book




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My almost 2 year old is getting art supplies to go with an easel that is a shared gift for both boys. He is getting a hat and mittens (which is also a need), a tooth brush, a hand made sock owl, maybe some training pants, some stickers and an orange in the toe.


I'm not sure about our 3 month old who will be almost 4 months old at that time. He'll get a sock owl and maybe some teething rings.


I'm still thinking about what to get my husband. I'll have to reread this thread.

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For dd (11)-

I'm copying a bunch of recipes for the Easy Bake Oven onto recipe cards.  http://www.eborecipes.com/Recipes/R37.htm

I'm going to try to make some hair scrunchies.

I'm making a yo yo doll with fabric she picked out.

There will be a piece of fruit- an orange or a pear.

There will be candy.

Some other random small things.

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Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat View Post

For dd (11)-

I'm copying a bunch of recipes for the Easy Bake Oven onto recipe cards.  http://www.eborecipes.com/Recipes/R37.htm


This website is a w e s o m e!! Thank you SO much for posting it! Grandma got our oldest an EBO last Christmas and we haven't used it for ages because the mixes are kind of gross and too expensive. Thanks again!!

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We go to a church that does the OCC (Opertain Christmas Child) and we bought to much stuff this year for are two boxes. And we still had stuff from last year and we got it all from the dollor tree or cheap stores and some of it included:

Small stuffed animal

Small coloring/activite book

Hair Clips

Hair ties


Ready to color wood kit



that is pretty much everything!

But if you allow your kids to wear like kid makeup (Sold at dollar genral)

that would be good to, or small pocket books, pencials, crayons ECT.


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This one is good too! Are kids opened up their stockings on ST. nicholes day. The one I am talkin' about it this:

Haba Mini-Games

Amazing how Haba packed so much fun into one tiny tin. This puppy mini-game can be snapped onto a belt or backpack, making it the perfect travel gift. To grandmother's house we go!

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Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles View Post


This website is a w e s o m e!! Thank you SO much for posting it! Grandma got our oldest an EBO last Christmas and we haven't used it for ages because the mixes are kind of gross and too expensive. Thanks again!!

We had the same issue.  I was excited to find some recipes too.

Here is another site with recipes- http://www.cyber-kitchen.com/ubbs/archive/KIDS/Easy_Bake_Oven_Recipes_by_bme.html


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My 2 Year Old's Stocking


Visited the pennywise shop and bought 2 hot wheels type cars in the packaging for $1 each, wooden spoons set of 3 for 30cents, a dreamcatcher necklace for 50 cents


A Schylling kaleidoscope ive had my eye on


Playmobile Santa, snowmen and sack set


Schleich mini panda bear 


I find the kinder surprise eggs satisfies his chocolate cravings too


I have a aim at making some of those crayon rocks, we'll see 


I think I'm at total cost of $30-$35, he'll get more food goodies with our big family stockings too, this is my treat for the end of his bed partners.gif




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DD (3) got a new pack of crayons, a Pez dispenser, a dollar-bin holiday themed puzzle, hair clips, an ornament and an orange.


St. Nicholas also brought a pair of warm pajamas and slippers, although he had her size wrong on the slippers and they had to go back to the Target at the North Pole.

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