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how long does oversupply problem take to resolve?

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I have an oversupply fast letdown problem and I went to a lactation specialist several weeks ago who told me to block feed. I've been doing that plus breastfeeding in different positions (australian hold, side lying position, etc) and the problem hasn't seemed to improve. He stills fusses a great deal, has gas, he's on and off the breast screaming. I'm always burping him and trying to soothe him, but my supply seems to still be producing too much. What am I missing? How long does this take to resolve itself if I continue to do all the things that I'm doing? I'm also afraid to start pumping and introduce the bottle (as I'm getting ready to go back to work and my midwife told me that I should consider introducing the bottle to him soon so he'll take to it) because I don't want to make the problem worse by sending signals to produce more milk. I'm also afraid if he takes to the bottle he'll reject me because the bottle is easier. HELP!!!
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I don't think it took us very long to resolve, maybe a couple of weeks to a month, but another thing you might try is to latch him and then unlatch and let down into a towel and then relatch.
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Have you tried increasing the lengths of the blocks? For example, 6 hour blocks instead of 3 hour blocks? You should see results within a couple of days I would think.
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he's six weeks old...i'm not sure 6 hour blocks would work at this point. he seems hungry all the time. the problem with the let down is that i don't feel my letdown so i never know when it's coming and usually he pulls off screaming and it's too late for me to letdown into a towel
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oh i see what you mean...duh! stay on one breast for 6 hours instead of 2-3...gotcha..will try that! thanks!
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http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/art...?artid=2075483 is the best article on block feeding I've ever seen. I had some pretty heavy oversupply and it helped me get it under control.
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Well I would, I think, instead of letting your let down go into a towel have a bottle or something to catch it into so that you could use it later on when you go back to work. Also, although breast compression (see www.drjacknewman.com - click on videos and look up breast compression) is usually linked with undersupply, I would tend to recommend that to you when block nursing to make sure that he is getting the thick creamy milk at the back which will in turn ease the gassiness, I would also agree with block nursing for a longer time on each breast, some ladies I have known have block nursed for a whole day and expressed milk off the other breast for comfort so that engorgement doesn't set in so you really need to see how it is working for you and decide how your baby is responding to the block nursing. It will ease off but with some women it can take time, hang in there you are doing a great job and good luck.
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Thank you!!! Its funny you mentioned that article in the international breastfeeding journal. I came across it a few days ago and have been doing what she advises and its been helping!
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I m having the same issue as you

i m trying to block ffeed n fighting mastitis too

didthe oald resolve with the reduction in supply

how long did it take to resolve

right now i can just feed my baby when he is sleeping lying sideway


If he is awake he is miserable nursing

please help me, i am desperate n he wont take a bottle yet

i have to retun to work in a month

btw my baby is 5 weeks old


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