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I just read this thread. I'm surprised how many couples don't wear theirs. Which is totally cool with me

We both wear our $15 Wal-Mart rings most of the time (unless getting into something nasty/messy)... We both have that weird muscle-less ring where they go...

Strange to see so many w/o rings, lol
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I haven't taken mine off since I got married. My MIL has been married for 20+ years and has never taken her's off. I thought that was so awesome I decided to aim for the same if possible. My husband has a ring but he never wears it. He's a mechanic in the air force and they aren't allowed to wear their rings. He always forgets to put it back on after work and the few times he's worn it he forgot to take it off for work. It doesn't really bother me.
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This should be a poll!

DH did, up until a couple years ago when chronic eczema spread to his ring finger and it swelled up. LUCKILY we were able to get it iff without having to have it cut off! We eventually got some crisco and that worked.

I wear one occasionally, I seem to always have issues with developing some sort of skin flakiness underneath.

I think it was a bigger deal when we were younger,newly married.

Interestingly enough my parents didn't wear their rings either, my father was an electrician so it was a hazard at work, and my mom's ring size went from a size 5 up to a size 7 and she never had it sized.

Honestly it isn't an issue for me. Hey, I kept my last name too. I guess that makes me radical?
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No he doesnt. But then my father never did, and neither does his father. So when we got married, i went to Kay jewlers and bought a decent looking solid band, and about a week after the wedding, had it sized down to fit my right middle finger...............And there it sits
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We never got rings, so no, he doesn't, nor do I.
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Yes, he wears it all the time, even when he's showering and sleeping, except when he's doing woodworking or working on the cars. He wears his more than I do--I take all my jewelry off to shower and sleep every night.
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DH wears his ring all of the time.

I take mine off when my hands swell. I also had a period when both kids were very small that I did not wear my engagement ring because I was worried about scratching them. DH notices when my rings are off and I think he does not like it, but he understands the practicality of my decision.

I think the matching tattooed rings idea is awesome! I am going to see how DH would feel about it and maybe it's something we can do for an anniversary.
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DH never wears his. I wish he would when we go out - not often, so it's not asking much.

I wear mine when I go out. Otherwise I tend to leave it off because I hate the feel of wetness under it from washing hands, which I seem to be doing all the time. Plus it's become a little tight over the years - must have shrunk.
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he does, I do not - I don't wear any jewelry at all
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Yes, we both do! When my husband was in the marines he wasn't allowed to wear it on his hand in the shop, so they all put their rings on their dog tags. Kept them from losing them. And he always came in the house with it back on his hand

Now he has a job where it isn't dangerous to wear his ring, so he never takes it off. If he does he puts it on his watch band, and puts that in his bag.

I only take off my engagement ring and right hand ring when I go to bed, my wedding ring stays on all the time. BUT I do take my rings off when I'm getting my hands in something like meat for meatloaf, or when I'm kneading dough and need to use my whole hand. I hate getting 'stuff' in my rings.
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He does, I don't always. On the weekends I work with a nursery & landscape crew... it only took one time of smashing my hand and having problems getting the ring off to make me stop wearing it. I try to remember to put it back on on Monday before my office job, but I frequently forget. It's no big deal, I will always have that little dent and tan line there
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He doesn't, it irritates his skin. I sometimes put mine on, when going out. I hate having jewelry on generally so I kind of avoid it.
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The only times I take my wedding band off is to take a peek at the date inscribed: for the life of me after 11 years I still can't remember the exact date of our anniversary! DH remembers, so he never takes his off, lol. The only time I took off my engagment ring after I got it 14 years ago, was to move it from the left to the right ring finger on my wedding day. It doesn't come off any more, I would need to cut it, but after all these years my finger has developed a groove where it sits, and it doesn't bother me at all. I don't even feel them on any more.
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