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Megan & Maribeth are here!

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They were born by emergency C-section Feb 2 (last Monday) at 32 weeks gestation as twin B was in distress at the ultrasound that morning. Megan (twin A ) was 4 lbs, 3oz and Maribeth (twin B) was 2 lbs 12 oz. Twin B only had about 1/5 of the placenta - so it's good she even made it that far. They are both in the special care nursery at BC Woman and Children's hospital in Vancouver still and are likely to be in the hospital a while. I'm pumping regularly as I plan to breastfeed them when they are able to. Megan is already getting just breastmilk tube fed to her. Maribeth is not doing so well on breastmilk tube feeds today - so they've backed off on that for a while until her system matures a bit more. My dad's website has all the details and some links to photos. It's all still a bit surreal at this point and it's really strange coming home from the hospital and leaving them there.

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Congratulations on the birth of your :

I know it must be hard to leave them but try to rest as much as you can, mama. Thanks for the link. WE can keep up while you rest and enjoy those babies.

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Congrtaulations mama!

Beautiful babies.:

Take good care of yourself.
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My twins were born at 32 weeks too. They were in the hospital for a month. But you know what... they're FINE! The first few months will be hard, but sooo worth it!!

p.s., there are a lot of great threads on the boards about pumping, feeding preemies, etc. Check out Getting Started & Overcoming Difficulties, TAO, and others.

Hang in there!!!
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Congratulations on the arrival of your precious girls, Cheryl! I checked out their pictures and they are absolutely beautiful! I will be sure to remember you all in my prayers. Please keep us updated on their progress.
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I haven't been to MDC in a while - but congratulations! I'm so glad to hear they're doing well! I'm trying to sort my way through the photos right now, and they look beautiful!

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Congratulations, Cheryl!

Best wishes for speedy homecoming for your twins...that hospital is a very good one!!
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