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Hand foot and mouth disease while nursing

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Hello ladies,

I just found out that I got hand foot and mouth disease from my nephew. I am EBF my 3 month old and I was wondering if any of you have had a child get this while they were nursing. I was hoping someone could tell me how this may affect breastfeeding. Unfortunately she is already showing symptoms.

Thanks in advance -Stephanie
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Looks like you are living in so cal. Are you a US native? I ask because if you are it is unlikely you would get HFM from your nephew as you would have had it as a child and maintained natural immunity. So if you are sick, you might consider that it is something else. Incubation for HFM is usually 4-6 days. If it is HFM you may get sores on your breasts too and that can be very painful. You can take ibuprofen for pain.

An infant is likely to get a mild form of it. My ds had it when he was 2+ and I was tandem with my 6 week old and baby did not get it. Mouth sores are painful and baby will probably want to nurse alot. High fever is also a typical symptom and you probably want to watch that in a baby so young - fever is good for killing infection but it can spike up fast in HFM which can lead to febrile seizures. See what your doc recommends as far as pain/fever relief.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your response.

I have lived in So Cal all my life. My nephew went to the doctors last week and they confimed he had HFMD. He just started preschool three weeks ago, My mom said that I never got this this as a child. I have the same type of sores in my mouth that he had. I only have a little bit of the rash on my hands.

My babe has been really fussy and has started with the rash. Although I cant see any sores in her mouth yet, She has changed her latch and its causing me ton of pain when she feeds. I never had pain when she ate before.

I hope this all passes soon. I will see what her Pediatrician says tomorrow.

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I think my son had it last week, and then I got it. He was crabby with a sore throat and rash in his diaper area. Dr. looked at his hands and feet when I brought up the rash.

I started to get sores in my mouth a few days later, and then on my hands. Mom said I never had it as a child.

Anyway, we kept on nursing with no problems.
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My DD and I both got it when she was nursing. I actually had it pretty bad, but she was just fussy and more annoyed by it than anything else. I think nursing helped her a LOT. It was uncomfortable, but it went away fairly quickly for her. We never took her to the ped., but she was older than your DD.
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My dd got it while she was ebf she got the rash but no sores in her mouth or changed her latch. I thought it was from bf (the lack of sores in her mouth) but maybe not. Good luck it did pass quickly for her so hopefully it will for your lo as well.
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My baby had it when he was a little older, I think about 15 months, and he felt pretty crummy for a few days. He didn't want to eat anything but he was okay with nursing. The pediatrician recommended mixing Maalox and Benadril, which did seem to help -- the Maalox coats the mouth sores and makes it less painful, although I don't know that you could give it to a 3 month old.
If you do have it, the good news is that you're passing all your adult antibodies on to your baby every time you nurse, so that will help her get over it faster.
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