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Small Towns in Colorado?

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What are some sweet, small towns in Colorado? What is the population? What is the weather (year-round)? I'm just looking into it, for various reasons and I know nothing about colorado. By small town, I guess as far as population goes, we come from a town of 6,000 people and I consider that small. So something around that number, possibly less?

Thanks so much!!
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My favorite small Colorado town is hands down Salida Colorado...in fact I just went there this weekend! Here is a blog post I did today with a few pictures.

I believe the population is around 5,000...the weather is great! Warm summers and somewhat mild winters. Tons to do in and around the area! you should check it out!
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Thank you for that information! Does it snow in the winter?
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It would be hard to find a place in CO that doesn't get any snow.

Average snowfall is 50 inches or so which isn't that much. Salida really does have mild weather especially considering where it is located in the state, surrounding areas get 400 inches of snow, some of the best skiing in the state is nearby! 300+ days a year of sunshine to boot. The days warm up nicely in the winter, and you may never see a day over 90 in the summer.
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Salida is nice for sure.

I personally love Manitou Springs (right outside Colorado Springs).
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Yeah, you are going to get some snow in Salida...as you would anywhere in Colorado, but I think the town is pretty mild.

I drove through Manitou Springs this summer...looked like a really cute town!
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I like Salida also (my inlaws live in Maysville right at the bottom of Monarch, or about 12 miles west of Salida, and from my inlaws living there I know my fair share about the locals and there is a huge underlying drug problem there, but it is a nice place besides that) but if I had to choose a place to live it would be between San Isabel or Beulah. Canon City is nice also. All 3 places are very close to a city area but are still very small towns. I right now live in Avondale, Co and its nice but im on the flat land plains and really we want to be in the mountains.

**I just wanted to add that I know all places have problems but Salida is the worst ive seen as far as small town drug issues**
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Originally Posted by november View Post
Salida is nice for sure.

I personally love Manitou Springs (right outside Colorado Springs).
i would second this! i live in Fountain (small but not that small) and that is VERY close to Manitou and go there all the time! i love where i live and i love this area, but as a pp said, snow is a much in Colorado
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Check out some of the towns in the San Luis Valley.
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Originally Posted by MaWhit View Post
Check out some of the towns in the San Luis Valley.
I second this! I haven't spent much time here, but there are some very cool areas there!
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San Luis Valley is a gorgeous area! I second that. I lived there as a teen and loved it! I like out eastern plains and would not suggest this area for what you're looking for. If we could move, it would def be to the boulder area or san luis valley.
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Can I still say I like Naderland???? That's a neat town, how about Redstone (is that what's called?) or Frisco, I love Frisco. Evergreen? Probably not that small. . . but nice.
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I am in Fraser. The population is about 1000. It snows here. The winters are long if that is what you like. We are about 5 miles from Winter Park Ski area.
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Durango is also beautiful and pretty crime free
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Hands down Paonia CO in the NorthFork Valley. We have a large pop of sustainable argi/natural, organic movements. http://www.vogaco.org/

Hands down best non profit radio station http://www.kvnf.org/. You can listen live on the web to the radio shows (i'm just back to the valley since being gone for 7 years and i have missed it!!!) and I will be doing DJ again starting next week!
Great place for live music venues and artists http://www.bluesagecenter.org/.

Milder winters then most of the eastern part of the state. Easy access to many outside play hiking, biking, skiing, fishing ect.

Bads are very low jobs/income. High prices in the west for housing ect.
data on the town: http://www.city-data.com/city/Paonia-Colorado.html
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